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Damn you Patricia!!

We can't control the weather.  Going into the weekend, Hurricane Patricia was bearing down on Mexico and had her sights set on the gulf coast.

Friday afternoon the folks organizing the Houston Half Marathon and 10k announced that they would make a go-no go decision on the race by 8pm Saturday.  At 4pm on Saturday, the race was called.  Instead of getting all bummed out about not being able to run, I quickly scouted out upcoming 10k races. Nothing looked very appealing, so I looked at training plans to see when I could run a half marathon.  Seeing that I had exactly 16 weeks until the Houston Rhythm and Blues Half, I have set my next goal to run my 3rd half marathon on February 14... a Valentine's day present to me!

Pre-race nerves

After having over a week of crap-tastic runs, I'm a bit nervous about my race this weekend. 

I've been taking iron supplements, in hopes that the sluggish/tired feeling is just lack of iron.  I've also been taking maca root powder to help as well.  My run on Sunday went well, I felt fine during and after... even though I almost had a breakdown when my RP Sorcha broke loose and I lost her on the trail for about 10 minutes (she was laying down in the pond we run by when I finally found her). 

I have 2 more runs before the race... trying to take it easy and not worry too much about the past few weeks.

Bleh... just bleh

The past few weeks of training have been tough to say the least.  I've been going through different scenarios trying to figure out why I've been so off.  I've been properly fueled, hydrated, rested... but I've felt sluggish during my runs, even in the beginning, so bad I have cut runs off early.  Every reasoning I can think of just doesn't make sense... is it because I'm going out early... is it because I'm listening to different music, is it because I'm eating too late, etc., etc., etc.  One bad day I can understand... but not almost 2 weeks worth of runs.  I even took an extra rest day last week and it didn't help.  What is even more concerning is that I have my 10k coming up in less than 2 weeks... will I be able to run the whole way.  I have been doing some reading and am hoping that it is a low iron issue.  I am going to start taking some iron supplements and hopefully that will fix the problem!