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New Shoes!

Who doesn't love getting new shoes?  It is one of my favorite things!  I recently read a blog post about Altra shoes and the large toe box and decided that I had to try them.  I have bunions on my feet and one foot is definitely worse than the other.  A lot of the shoes out there are too narrow in the toe box and squish my toes.  I have come up with a lacing scheme to help with the spacing issue.  I ordered the Altra Intuition 2.0 for a really great price.  Not ever wearing this brand or trying it on, I was a bit uncertain how I would like them.  Once they arrived, all my doubts were cast aside.  I tried them on and took them for a couple of laps around the office, they felt really good.  I couldn't wait to try them out on a run.

The following day, I took them out for a 3 mile run.  They felt great!  My toes had room, I didn't feel like they were being squished and I could even lace them up normally. I had read that the zero drop shoes take some getting used to, so I have t…

Wow has stuff changed...

The last time I was seriously into running was in 2002-2003.  I did have a few non-cotton running outfits, but mostly everything I ran in was cotton based, including my sports bra.  Fast forward to 2015... most everything is now made from tech fiber that wicks your sweat. Best of all, it can be found everywhere, so it is accessible to everyone. 

Another new thing that I have recently acquired is a hands-free dog leash for running.  I have only taken it out once but so far I like what I have experienced. 

My new BFF is a foam roller.  I had never heard of one of these things until this summer when I was experiencing some really tight muscles.  I have a love/hate relationship with mine. 

Does anyone run in cotton t-shirts any more?

What is your favorite running "gadget?

New Race Goal - Half Marathon

I just signed up for a half marathon!!! It will actually be the second one that I want to do next year, I haven't signed up for the first one. I'm excited and a little scared. This one looks like it could be a fun one... complete with boas, tiaras, and hunks! Looking forward to running in Galveston, I have missed my morning runs along the seawall.  You can't beat running near a body of water for a scenic route.

Virtual Run

The Houston Half & 10k organizers opted to make the run a "virtual run" so that folks could still run and get their finishers medal (and wear their race shirt with pride).  I opted to run my 10k on Sunday with my BRF Sorcha.  We started out in cloudy but no rain conditions... but it quickly progressed to a nice down pour.  We had fun! I really tried to get a 65 minute finish time, but was thwarted by a squirrel.  Sorcha went running after it and I was NOT prepared for it.

I can tell you, by experience now that they flying part only last a second (or less)... what follows is a hard kerplunk... then some sliding.  I was fortunate I suppose that the ground was soggy and cushioned my fall.  We finished up in good shape. My leash arm hurts pretty bad this morning, but otherwise I'm ok.