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2015 Running Year in Review

In April I started out my training with the C25K app.  I finished in early June and signed up for a 5k.

I started training with the Runkeeper app for the 5k and on August 1 I ran that 5k and really enjoyed it.  So much so, it got me to start thinking about what else can I do.

I found a 10k and signed up for it.  I started training for the 10k using the Runkeeper app as well.  The training had intervals, strides, speed work, tempo runs... I really enjoyed the variety and challenges.  Over the early fall I had a few set backs with my training but persevered.  The 10k ended up getting called off due to the remnants of Hurricane Patricia, but I did a 'virtual' 10k the weekend after.

The weekend the race was called off, I decided to go for it and start training for a half-marathon.  I found one in February that looked interesting and I have another one lined up for April.  I have been training with Runkeeper again for the half.

I didn't start tracking my mileage until I ended the C…

Elves On The Run

Saturday I ran in the Elves on the Run 5k.  It was a night time race through the streets of Houston.  The weather was going to be interesting, as we were expecting a front to move through... timing was going to be critical. I carefully chose my outfit paying more attention to the precipitation aspect instead of the temperature.

The weather was seeming to hold and the bad storms were keeping to the west of Houston for the most part. Well, up until the time that I started to get ready to leave.  The hubs was not pleased that I was going to be driving about an hour both ways to go run in the rain.  As I was packing up, we got notice of a tornado warning in the area, thankfully it was set to expire at about the time I was going to hit the road.  I scooted off to downtown Houston without the hubs blessing.  About 10 miles into my trek, I realized that I had left my bib at home.  I proceeded, hoping that they could help me out at the registration table before the race and that I would get th…

Race Junkie

I may or may not be becoming a race junkie.  A mere 72 hours after I signed up for the Jailbreak Half Marathon I got a notice of a discount code for another race.  This time it is a 5k, and I was looking at running it anyway.  I decided to take advantage of the discount and signed up for the race.  It should be fun... it is a night time holiday themed race.

As I am training for the half marathon in February, this will be a nice tempo run for a scheduled training run.  I'm really looking forward to it!  Now, what am I going to wear?

Does anyone else have to run races in perfectly coordinated outfits?

New Goal Race

I just signed up for my next race... and I'm super excited!  It is the Jail Break Half Marathon in Baytown, TX.  I had originally thought I would run the Rhythm & Blues Half, but I looked at the course and decided I would rather not do a double loop course and the Jail Break run was just one week later, fitting nicely into my plan.

I just started week 5 of my training plan and it is going pretty good.  I feel like I have backed off the intensity quite a bit from the 10k training plan that I was on.  This plan has a lot of easy runs and one long run each week.  There isn't any speed work or intervals, I'm feeling like I am just running for pleasure and I have to admit it is a pretty good feeling.