Continuing my training for my upcoming half marathons.  Still doing the 30 day Plank challenge.  Even though I am dividing up the overall time on the planks, I feel like I holding them with more control and strength. I am letting go of feeling defeated by splitting up the time.

This is how my week lined out...

Sunday - Steady 9 miles (10:54 average pace & 2 min 10 sec plank (45 sec x 2, 40 sec x 1)

Monday - 2 min, 20 sec planks (50 sec, 45 sec x 2)

Tuesday - 4 miles easy + strides & 2 min, 25 sec planks (50 sec x 2, 45 sec)

3.29 run

Wednesday - Rest... my body needed a day off, all I wanted to do was curl up and go to bed, unfortunately I had work and family commitments.

Thursday - 6 miles easy (average pace 10:55) & 2 min, 30 sec planks (50 sec x 3) Today was a little rough getting motivated to go, was cramping and aching for most of the day, but needed to get out and run for my sanity!

Friday - 5 miles easy (average pace 11:09), HIIT, & 2 min, 30 sec planks (55 sec x1, 50 sec x 2)

4.01 hiit

Saturday - Today my cross train was picking up trash at Trash Bash for 2 1/2 hours.  Trash Bash is a great event across the greater Houston area to clean up the waterways. 2 min, 35 sec plank (55 sec x 2, 50 sec x1)

TOTAL miles = 24

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