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Houston Marathon Training - Week 10

This week marks week 10 of my 12 week training cycle for the Houston Marathon is in the books.  This is the recap for my Houston Marathon Training - Week 10. I'm deep in the throws of taper, and it with the holidays it couldn't have come at a better time.

Like last week, I had a great week for running.  I got all my miles in plus a few extra. Since I was off work, I took advantage of being home during the daylight hours and got in a few runs with Anam... I may have skipped my tempo run in exchange for an extra easy run with her.

Like last week, I neglected doing anything but run. Bad, I know... but it is what it is.

My nutrition was all over the place this week, looking back I think it was more good than bad... I hope.
Houston Marathon Training - Week 10
Monday - Rest.

Tuesday - Rest.

Wednesday - 4 miles easy with Anam.

Thursday - 1 mile w/up & c-down, 7x800 with 400 recovery.

Friday - 12 miles long run.

Saturday - Rest (unless you can count deep cleaning the kitchen cross training?…

2017 Year In Review and Goal Recap

As this year closes and we embark on the new year, it seems like the perfect time to reflect on the year.  This is my 2017 year in review and goal recap.  It was a stellar year on the running front.  I ran my first marathon in January and went on to run my second in October (I'm training for marathon three now).  I ran my first trail race, and have definitely been bitten by the trail running bug!

While my year wasn't all rainbows and unicorns... there was a race that had me seriously questioning my ability as a runner and some pretty cruddy training runs.  I'm thankful that those were in the minority.  I had my share of aches and pains, and time off of running, I'm grateful that everything was minor and healed with some rest.

These are the highlights of my year;
2017 Year In Review and Goal Recap
Best Race Experience
I'd have to say without a doubt that the Chevron Houston Marathon was the best race experience of the year.  It was my first marathon, and I had such a gre…

Runfessions - Final Edition for 2017

As I sit here typing this... I'm just amazed that there are just a few short days left in 2017!  I'm ready to get the weekend started and the festivities of ringing in the new year.  But first I need to clear the air with my Runfessions - Final Edition for 2017
Runfessions - Final Edition for 2017


I feel like a wimp in this cold weather, especially with what I'm seeing in the north. It doesn't seem like I should be complaining about low 40's... but here I am complaining.  I guess what is cold or hot is all relative.

I'm not a morning person... never have been.  I had planned to get up and get my workouts in each morning while I'm off work.  That hasn't exactly happened.  One day it was 3pm, another it was 11:30. Today, hopefully by 10:30... well maybe 11, or 12.

I haven't been blogging much... and I don't know why.  I had a race recap in my drafts folder for the longest time and I think I just had a mental block on writing it. I'm ho…

2017 Houston Half Race Recap

I ran in the Houston Half Marathon on October 29.  It was such a fun race in 2016 (you can read all about that here), that when the registration for the race opened I signed up immediately. This is my 2017 Houston Half Race Recap.

Race day eve was a rest day, with a little house work mixed in.  My pre-race meal consisted of spaghetti with tomato sauce & wilted spinach.  I laid out my gear and got to bed before 9pm.

Race day morning came early! My alarm went off at 3:30, and I had my pre-race breakfast of a piece of toast with almond butter and a banana along with some coffee.  Showering and dressing were next on the agenda, I was on the road by 5am with a cup of coffee to go. I jammed out to Train on my commute to downtown Houston.
2017 Houston Half Recap
It was very chilly when I got to the race location about 48 degrees. I dropped a bag at the gear drop, then went to find the Half Fanatics group for our group photo (I never found them). The lines at the port-a-cans were pretty long,…

Houston Marathon Training - Week 9

Week 9 of my 12 week training cycle for the Houston Marathon is in the books.  This is the recap for my Houston Marathon Training - Week 9. In 3 weeks, I'll be running 26.2 in the streets of H-town!  My mileage peaked this week and I start tapering it down here.

This week was a great week for running.  I got all my scheduled runs in and even ran a short progressive run.  There were some mornings that I had trouble opening my eyes, so my strength and cross-training workouts were skipped... I'm giving myself grace, and moving on. I kept up with my stretching and foam rolling routine.

My nutrition this week was better this week. I got back on the "mystery soup" diet for lunch... basically, I grab a container of soup from the freezer that I didn't mark.  This week it was vegetarian chili and a white bean/kale/sweet potato concoction.  It really makes lunch interesting.
Houston Marathon Training - Week 9

Monday - Rest.

Tuesday - Rest.

Wednesday - 1 milie w/up & c/down, …

2017 - My Year In Bling

2017 was quite a year in racing for me.  There were a few firsts - my first marathon and my first trail race.  I ended up running several races in a variety of distances.  I finished up 2017 with two 5ks, a 10k, a 21k, two 25ks, seven half marathons, and two marathons. Read on as I recap my 2017 - my year in bling!
2017 - My Year In Bling
I ran the Chevron Houston Marathon, it was my first marathon.  Not only did I run the marathon, but the day prior I ran the ABB 5k and scored the Houston Double medal too.

In February I took a little drive down to Galveston and ran the Galveston Half Marathon.  I even managed to come in 2nd in my age group!

I also ran the Jail Break Run on a whim... the weather was beautiful, the hubs was out of town... what's a girl to do!

March found me in Seabrook at the Seabrook Lucky Trail Half Marathon. Technically my first trail race.

My sister started calling me crazy in April when I did back-to-back races on 1 weekend.  I ran the 25k a…

Houston Marathon Training - Week 8

I just finished week 8 of my 12 week training cycle for the Houston Marathon.  This is the recap for my Houston Marathon Training - Week 8. There are only 4 short weeks left!

This week I got back on track, I even squeezed in a short-ish easy run in my schedule. I've been missing those on my 3-day a week training plan.  Yin Yoga didn't happen for me this week, but made up for it with some extra stretching and foam rolling.

At the last minute, the hubs decided to go to the deer lease. Not wanting to miss out on any fun, I scored an entry to a half marathon for Sunday in Galveston. .

My nutrition this week was ok, but could have been better.  Convenience and holiday treats won out this week more than they should have, especially on Thursday when my favorite vegan food truck was in the neighborhood for dinner hours!

Houston Marathon Training - Week 8
Monday - Rest

Tuesday - 1 mile w/up & c-down, 12 x 400, (400 recovery).

Wednesday - Strength conditioning - upper body & 30 minutes…