Here we are at the end of another month. It's time to bare our soles and clear the air. Today I'm sharing my Runfessions for February.


Since my last race, I've been feeling kind of off. Not really feeling like running... or doing much of anything. I did make it to the gym one day last week, and I've been keeping up with the superman/squat/twist challenge. I don't know if it is a motivation thing or if I'm fighting off a cold. After I ready Judy's post 5 Signs You Need To Rest, I've decided to give myself a little grace.

Runfessions for February

This weekend is Jackalope Jam... it's a timed race (there are 72, 48, 24, 12, and 6 options) and it's a 1 mile loop. Normally, I'd have a little FOMO about not running it when a lot of my friends are... this one I really don't. I very excited to be volunteering at the aide station!

runfessions for february

When the hubs agreed to go to Paris (Texas) to visit his niece, I was excited ... RACECATION. There's a little race up there next weekend that I had been wanting to do... but couldn't justify the 4 hour drive. I made all the plans, got a camp site, registered for the race. Last week he decided to back out "because it will be raining"... still making that 4 hour drive. I checked the forecast... no rain - keep your fingers crossed!

runfessions for february

I'm really tempted to sign up for the Houston Half again this year! They just announced registration will open on Sunday for the 2018 race. It is a really fun race, and first 1,000 get in for $50. I'm trying to do more new to me races this year... but, this one is a favorite... I ran it in both 2016 and 2017.

runfessions for february

I've got a little sideways on my eating this week. I really try to be good at watching and planning what I eat. But... a vendor brought in some Garret's popcorn, all bets were off. Seriously, who could resist that? Then there were the Girl Scout cookies... and pretzels ... and chips & salsa.

runfessions for february

That's it for me... what do you have to Runfess?

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