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Tempeh Noodle Casserole

This was inspired by the Tuna Noodle Casserole I make for the hubs.  The casserole is an overly processed concoction.  Full of canned condensed soup, velveeta, tuna, milk, and butter.  When it comes to food, we are a house divided.  When he requested his Tuna Noodle Casserole for dinner a few weeks ago, it got me thinking... could I clean it up and make it vegetarian? I came up with Tempeh Noodle Casserole.

I used the No Cheese Sauce from Forks Over Knives for the creamy base and added some kelp flakes to make it taste a little like the sea.  While this dish isn't vegan, you could easily substitute the whole wheat egg noodles with rotini.
Tempeh Noodle Casserole Ingredients 1 recipe No Cheese Sauce 1 package tempeh, steamed and diced 16 oz canned mushrooms, drained 6 oz whole wheat egg noodles, cooked and drained 1 cup frozen peas (add to last minute of noodle cooking time) 1 TBS kelp flakes 1 TBS Cholula sauce 1 tsp fresh dill 1/4 tsp garlic powder 1/4 tsp sea salt pepper to tast…

Brazos Bend 50k Training Week 5 & 6

I was absent last week from the weekly wrap due to being under the weather.  I'm going to recap the last 2 weeks of my training cycle for Brazos Bend 50k.  There isn't whole lot to report, this is my Brazos Bend 50k Training Week 5 & 6.

Week 5 I got a 5 mile run in, it was a rough one... but I got it done.  Afterwards, I bent down to pick something up and felt this weird tearing pulling sensation at the back of my heel/ankle area.  Everything has been tight, and to tell the truth I've been awful with stretching and foam rolling.  I decided to take it easy on the runnig and try to get that issue resolved.

In addition to my naggy heel pain, I have had a sick day, had seasonal allergies get the best of me, and had the worst "aunt flo" visit in memory.  I tried staying active, but didn't do all that well.  I had tried to stay up with Rachel's Total Body Challenge but got so far behind, I'm just starting from where the challenge is on Monday and will try…

Why You Should Run A TROT Race

Last year I ran my first trail race with Trail Racing Over Texas (TROT) at Brazos Bend 50 and I fell in love with running on the trails.  I went on to run a couple more trail races that year, and my second TROT in September (Mission Tejas).  It was then that I knew I wanted to become more involved with Trail Racing Over Texas. I love TROT races and have some reasons why you should run a TROT race.

In my experience, the TROT races were different... it felt like a community. Since then, I have become a TROT Ambassador, and have volunteered at a few races.  I always have had so much fun at their races, and I'm looking forward to running and volunteering at many more.  In fact, this weekend I'm headed out to SFA State Park to work a few more volunteer shifts.
Why You Should Run a TROT Race

There is a race for everyone... with distances from 5k to 200 miles and terrain from flat and easy to mountains.
All the extras! Awesome medals, aid stations that look like buffets, extra swag, free…

Buffalo Jackfruit Dip

If you've read my blog for any time, you've probably noticed I like buffalo anything. I've done a buffalo pizza, and buffalo cauliflower stuffed baked potatoes. To prepare for the March Madness games, I've prepared a Buffalo Jackfruit dip that is sure to please.

Jackfruit is super versatile... it doesn't have much of a flavor, so can take on whatever you want to season it with. It's easy to shred or chop giving it a "meaty" consistency.

For this recipe, I made my own vegan cream cheeze from Connoisseurus Veg and added Daiya shreds and bleu cheeze dressing.

This is a creamy, spicy, and great dippers. I liked it with celery sticks or triscuits.
Buffalo Jackfruit Dip Ingredients 1 can jackfruit - rinsed, drained, and shredded 1 cup vegan cream cheeze 1/2 cup Franks RedHot sauce 1/2 cup Daiya blue cheese dressing 1/2 cup Daiya cheddar style shreds French's crispy jalapenos Instructions Combine all ingredients except for jalapenos and spoon into a sha…

Brazos Bend 50k Training - Week 4

This week marks the fourth week of my training cycle for Brazos Bend 50k.  I got in some good runs this week and was thankful for some delightful weather. This is Brazos Bend 50k Training - Week 4.

This week I got 3 runs in, all after work and all outside!  We were blessed with some really great weather (mid 70s for high and not too humid). Two of my runs were on a new trail I found... it's along a creek and 12.5 miles of paved trail.  I didn't get into the gym this week, as I felt that Rachel's Total Body Challenge is a good strength workout in itself (I'm in catch up mode currently).

I dialed in my nutrition this week, managing to prep my lunches for the week.  For dinner I had the ingredients prepped for a black rice and broccoli bowl.  It's so much easier to eat well when you have a plan.
Brazos Bend 50k Training - Week 4
Monday - 10 supermen/30 second plank/10 pushups/10 burpees x 2.

Tuesday - YIN yoga, 30 burpees.

Wednesday - 4 miles, 10 supermen/30 second plank/10…

5 Game Day Treats

Happy Friday!  It's not a secret that March is the "most wonderful time of the year".  Between the days getting longer and March Madness, it's a great month!  This weekend I'll be watching plenty of basketball with the Big 12 tournament and Selection Sunday.  March Madness starts on the 15th with a ton of basketball games all culminating with the finals on April 2.  Watching all those games is hard work... and you definatley need to fuel properly.  I'm sharing 5 Game Day Treats that are perfect for watching the action.  Bonus, these five are pretty much guilt-free!
5 Game Day Treats

Loaded Sweet Potato Nachos - these "nachos" use oven roasted sweet potatoes as the base and shredded jackfruit as the "meat". 
Cauliflower Nachos - taco seasoned cauliflower is the base in this one with walnut-lentil taco "meat" and a great creamy no-cheese sauce.
Greek Style Cucumber Nachos - Cucumber rounds are the chips, topped hummus, veggies, and veg…

Wellth ... Building Your Best Life

I'm an avid reader of the website MindBodyGreen.  As such, my interest was picqued when I found a book from the MindBodyGreen Founder available for review.
Wellth ... Building Your Best Life
This book is both a guide to help you build a life that is unique and meaningful, as well as a bit of a memoir into Jason's life.

He breaks down the keys to wellth into the following areas: eat, move, work, believe, explore, breathe, connect, love, heal, thank, ground, live, laugh.  At the end of each chapter there are ideas on how to make deposits into your wellth account.

The book is easy to read and has many tips on creating your best life.  I really enjoyed the book and the underlying message that positive change is possible for everyone.

Note:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, through Blogging For Books for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Brazos Bend 50k Training - Week 3

This week marks the third week of my training cycle for Brazos Bend 50k.  I was back at it this week, thankful to be feeling better. This is Brazos Bend 50k Training - Week 3.

I was able to get two runs in this week, continuing with the "less is more" theme.  I also did some cross-training and a strength session.  All efforts were complimented by finishing off Rachel's Superman/Squat/Twists challenge.  I had so much fun, I signed up for the Total Body Challenge (I'm in catch-up mode).

My nutrition started out pretty good then took a nose dive on Wednesday.  You see, we had pizza day at work.  I started out well, having 2 slices at lunch... then there were leftovers and mindless eating tooK over. The next day, I was still feeling the effects - total food hangover, I didn't want to see any food or move much.

Friday afternoon I drove up to Paris, TX for the Half de Paris on Saturday.
Brazos Bend 50k Training - Week 3
Monday - 3 miles easy, 100 supermen.

Tuesday - Strength…

Ultimate Coffee Date - March Edition

Today I'm joining the Ultimate Coffee Date for some catching up.  It's the ultimate coffee date - March edition! So go grab your favorite beverage of choice and have a seat and let's catch up.

Today, my brew is a cup of yerba mate.  I have been over doing it a bit on the coffee and needed a break.
Over Coffee...
I'd tell you that I'm drove up to Paris, TX this afternoon.  I'm running in the Half de Paris in the morning.  I signed up for this race when the hubs said he'd join me so that we could camp and spend some time with his niece.  It didn't exactly happen that way, a few weeks ago he canceled out on the trip citing that it was going to rain... forecast for tomorrow sunny and high in the mid 60's and breezy.

Over Coffee...
I'd reveal that I'm excited for my 50k in April, but I'm also pretty nervous.  My mileage isn't anywhere near where it should be.  I'm hoping that this "less is more" approach will work out ok.  A frie…