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June Runfessions

Here we are at the end of another month. It's time to bare our soles and clear the air. Today I'm sharing my Runfessions for June.
I haven't been running a lot lately.  Tuesday I went for a run, it was my first run for the summer.  Whew, was it hot!  I went out way too fast for my first mile, but it felt so good to be out running again.  I have a road ahead of my to get acclimated to the heat.

Lack of running hasn't deterred me from signing up for any races.  I plan on signing up for more on Saturday during the Trail Racing Over Texas Sign-up-a-Thon.  Seriously, who can pass up a good discount (25%) and some great drawings.  If you're interested in running any trail races in Texas, you should check it out.

With all the frustrations that I had with the anti-candida diet, it really wasn't that bad.  After I got past the caffeine withdrawal and the candida die off symptoms, I started feeling a lot better!  I had some patches of psoriasis that were beginni…

Wildflower Trail Runs Recap

Over May 5-6, I ran in the Wildflower Trail Runs in Bastrop, TX.  The trail runs were a Trail Racing Over Texas event at Bastrop State Park.  This is my Wildflower Trail Runs Recap.

Warning... this may be a little long, so you might want to get a snack.
Wildflower Trail Runs Recap
Friday I drove up to Bastrop around lunchtime.  I needed to be at the park by 2pm for my volunteer shift.  It had been raining pretty good on my drive there, but once I made it to the park, it had slowed to a drizzle.  I had a few minutes before my shift started, so I quickly set up my tent (I really didn't want to deal with it if it started raining harder when my shift ended.

Once I got to the packet pick-up location, I was happy to see some familiar faces.  We joked around about how many folks would be really driving out there in the rain and that we would likely be bored.  That quickly changed as we had a steady stream of runners coming in to pick up their packets.  The rain continued to come down... quit…

Creamy Curried Collards

I am still on the Anti-Candida diet that my doctor prescribed for me.  This will make the final week (yay). Truth be told, this isn't too bad... I just miss simple things like coffee, tea, potatoes to name a few. Is it bad to have a countdown timer on my phone for when I can have coffee again?

I've scoured the internet for recipes that are compliant with the diet.  There are a few that are listed as candida diet, but I still had to make a couple of modifications according to my food list.

Inspiration struck when I came across a recipe for curried collards. I added a few things to make it my own, and removed an item or two (meat) so that I could eat it.  My last collard greens recipe turned out so good, I was anxious to try another.

What I was left with was a dish creamy, savory, spicy... just overwhelmingly delicious.  In fact, I enjoyed it so much I made a double batch of it for this week.
Creamy Curried Collards Ingredients 1 bundle of collard greens, thick stem removed and …

Brazos Bend 50k Recap

On April 7th, I ran my very first 50k at Brazos Bend 50.  The event was a Trail Racing Over Texas race located at Brazos Bend State Park outside of Needville, TX.  This is my Brazos Bend 50k recap.
I had gone into Houston after work to pick up my race packet ahead of time... along with my bib and race shirt, they also had bonus swag, for this race it was Altra Gaiters.  Race day-eve brought me a little visitor.... yup, Aunt Flo decided to come for a stay. This definitely put a little twist in my plans.  I took off work a little early so that I could get dinner at a reasonable hour, my clothes laid out, and to bed early.  My race-day eve fueling was my lucky veggie burger and sweet potato fries at Bella Green.

After some thought I decided to wear my hydration vest to carry necessary supplies instead of my handheld.  Once I got home, I laid out my clothes, got my supplies ready and headed to bed.  My wake-up call was 3am!

It was tough figuring out what to wear.  The forecast cal…


I'm welcoming the weekend with open arms today!  It's been a while since I've posted with any regularity, so I thought I'd update you on things that I've been up to.
My running has been, shall we say lackluster.  My total mileage for the year is right at 225!  Yup... pretty low, especially considering nearly 100 of those miles have come from races.  For some reason, I'm just not feeling it lately...

Just because I haven't been running, doesn't mean that I've set idle and done nothing.  I've loaded up my SUP (stand-up paddle board) a few times this spring and taken a cruise around the lake near my home.  Also, I got a new bicycle... the Pink Rocket.  It's an old school cruiser with 1 speed and pedal brakes, I really enjoy riding it.

I was all set to run the Chicago Marathon again this year, but now I'm not.  A friend had asked me to run it with him since it would be his first, I was happy to oblige. Unfortunately, he got injured …

Jicama Tacos

Recently, my doctor put me on an Anti-Candida diet that I am to follow for three weeks.  I really hadn't comprehended the challenge of the diet until I started trying to figure out what I would be having for meals.

At first I was overwhelmed at the things I could not eat. I opted to make a few things from the recipe pamphlet she gave me just to be on the safe side.  I was thankful that it included quite a few vegan options.

Tuesday afternoon I was beside myself with cravings for everything I couldn't have (in addition to a nice little headache due to caffeine withdrawal).  I wanted something spicy, I wanted something crunchy, I friggin wanted tacos!

Unbeknownst to me, one of our local grocery stores (H-E-B) sells Jicama Tacos.  I picked some up and tried them out . Truth be told, they didn't satisfy the craving. While they are good, they are essentially veggie roll-ups - shredded carrots or cucumbers wrapped in a jicama tortilla. 

I also picked up some Jicama Tortillas ..…

Half de Paris TX Recap

I ran the Half de Paris TX on Saturday, March 3.  In addition to the half marathon, there was also a 5k and a kids 100 yard dash. This is my Half de Paris TX Race Recap.

I took off work early on Friday afternoon for the drive up to Paris.  I rolled into Paris around 5pm and decided to stop and check out the Texas Eiffel Tower before stopping by packet pick-up.

Packet pick-up was a breeze, there was one guy in front of me, so there wasn't much of a wait or fanfare as I got my bib and event shirt.  I then proceeded to check into my hotel, and then to find a Subway... for my pre race dinner.

I lined out my gear and as I counted down when I needed to get up, I was pleasantly surprised at the time of my wake up call (5am versus 3am for most races I have run).

On race day morning my alarm went off at 5:00 am.  Upon realization that there wasn't a coffee pot in my room, I called the lobby and discovered there wouldn't be coffee available until 6 am. Thankfully, there was a Starbucks …