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2019 Brazos Bend 50 Recap

On April 6th, I ran the 50k at Brazos Bend 50.  The event was a Trail Racing Over Texas race located at Brazos Bend State Park outside of Needville, TX.  This is my Brazos Bend 50k recap.


Prior to the race, the race director sent out communication regarding issues at the park. Due to some erosion, there were parts of the park that were inaccessible by vehicle. Rob, the RD, had to do some work to find off-site parking and more shuttles to get the runners to the park. From my perspective, this change was executed flawlessly.

Race Day

I was up bright and early! 

I was on the road at 4:15 for the 90 minute drive out to Needville.  The pre-race emails stressed getting to the park betwen 90 minutes - 2 hours before race time.  I arrived in plenty of time and caught the shuttle to where the race would begin.  I was there in plenty of time to use the restroom, and chat it up with some friends.

Brazos Bend 50k Recap

The pre-race briefing was held 10 minutes prior to gun time. We we…

Goals for Brazos Bend 50 2019

Tomorrow morning is Brazos Bend 50! I'll be running the 50k again this year. Last year, I wasn't at my best and I'm hoping to get a little redemption at this race.

Brazos Bend 50 is held at Brazos Bend State Park, known in the area for it's population of gators. One of the attractions of the race is the thrill of seeing a gator cross your path during the race. It has never happened to me, this year it will be warmer so I'm hopeful that I'll see gators outside of the water.

Goals for Brazos Bend 50

Start out slow and steady. Finish under 7 hours.Embrace the long out and back between Windmill and Sawmill.High five as many TROT ambassadors as I can.
Last and the most important of them all... HAVE FUN and SMILE!

Have you ever ran a race again for redemption? Do you make goals other than time?