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Coyote Run Recap

On Saturday, April 27 I ran the 25k at Coyote Run. This was a trail race at Cleburne State Park outside of Cleburne, TX. There were other distances which included 50 mile, 50k, 8 mile, and 4 mile.

I hadn't originally planned to run this race, as my weekends were filling up. Once Trail Racing Over Texas posted that the course was one of the toughest in Texas, I just had to jump on in and see what it was all about.
Coyote Run Recap I headed up to Cleburne late Friday morning. I was planning on taking advantage of the free primitive camping and wanted to pick up my packet so that I could sleep in as much as possible. Luck was on my side as I pulled into the camping spot... a few friends had just arrived so I got my tent set up and hung out with the cool kids the night prior.

Saturday morning started out coolish 63, sunny, and breezy. After getting changed and pulling my gear together, I went to wait for the shuttle to get to the starting line.

The 25k started right at 8:00 am…