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El Taco Loco 100k Race Recap

On October 26 I ran the 100k at El Taco Loco.  The event was a Trail Racing Over Texas race located at the Land Heritage Institute in San Antonio, TX.  This race promised a fiesta atmosphere with tacos, beer, margaritas, costume contest, and a buckle that would hold a taco!

Pre-race... I drove up to San Antonio the day before for my volunteer shift at packet pick up, arriving just in time to set up my tent. We paused packet pick up for the pre-race meeting, where I learned that the loop was more like 16-ish miles versus 15.5, how close to 16 would be a mystery until race day (spoiler - it was about 16.4ish according to my Garmin).  

Race Day The alarm woke me up bright and early at 4:15.  Even though I knew I had a little over an hour before the race started, it was very difficult to get out of my warm sleeping bag.  I managed to escape the cocoon and made to the start with time to spare.  The start line was alive with pre-race energy! Rob, the race director, was outfitted in taco pa…