I did it!!!

I finished my first 5k! The Southern Star Brewing Co. 5k presented by Run in Texas was a success. I was able to surpass my goal time and even scored 8th in my age division and was the 36th female finisher overall. I am even more excited and motivated for my running journey!!  This was a small race... approximately 370 finishers, a nice size to get my feet wet and get my confidence up!

Let's get to the race recap...

I arrived up at Southern Star around 7ish. It was a nice cool morning by Houston standards, in the low 70s!  I needed to pick up my packet with my bib and timing chip so I checked in and then strolled back out to the car to put away the stuff I didn't need and then proceeded to stretch, walk, and mentally prepare myself for the task ahead.  Took some snaps of around the starting area as I had plenty of time on my hands!

Blow-up of a can of their bombshell blonde


Starting line

At 7:45 they started getting everyone up and situated at the starting line.  This was a very casual race, but not disorganized.  The race director gave an over view of the course and prayer was said, the Star Spangled Banner was sung and then 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1 and we were off!  The course was fast and flat... a nice loop. It wound around what looked like a military airport, and the fairgrounds. There was a water stop at the half way point.

After crossing the finish, I walked back to my car to fetch a banana, some water, and stretch things out.  On the way back was able cheer on a few runners on the way to the brewery to claim my finishers glass and have some beer.  By the time I made it back, they were posting some initial results.  I stuck around and enjoyed a couple beers and watched the awards ceremony and even one a cool bottle opener in the raffle.

Overall, the Southern Star Brewing Co. 5k Run was a blast... it was a great race to start out at and has left me motivated to set another race goal!

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