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El Taco Loco 100k Race Recap

On October 26 I ran the 100k at El Taco Loco.  The event was a Trail Racing Over Texas race located at the Land Heritage Institute in San Antonio, TX.  This race promised a fiesta atmosphere with tacos, beer, margaritas, costume contest, and a buckle that would hold a taco!

Pre-race... I drove up to San Antonio the day before for my volunteer shift at packet pick up, arriving just in time to set up my tent. We paused packet pick up for the pre-race meeting, where I learned that the loop was more like 16-ish miles versus 15.5, how close to 16 would be a mystery until race day (spoiler - it was about 16.4ish according to my Garmin).  

Race Day The alarm woke me up bright and early at 4:15.  Even though I knew I had a little over an hour before the race started, it was very difficult to get out of my warm sleeping bag.  I managed to escape the cocoon and made to the start with time to spare.  The start line was alive with pre-race energy! Rob, the race director, was outfitted in taco pa…
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Coyote Run Recap

On Saturday, April 27 I ran the 25k at Coyote Run. This was a trail race at Cleburne State Park outside of Cleburne, TX. There were other distances which included 50 mile, 50k, 8 mile, and 4 mile.

I hadn't originally planned to run this race, as my weekends were filling up. Once Trail Racing Over Texas posted that the course was one of the toughest in Texas, I just had to jump on in and see what it was all about.
Coyote Run Recap I headed up to Cleburne late Friday morning. I was planning on taking advantage of the free primitive camping and wanted to pick up my packet so that I could sleep in as much as possible. Luck was on my side as I pulled into the camping spot... a few friends had just arrived so I got my tent set up and hung out with the cool kids the night prior.

Saturday morning started out coolish 63, sunny, and breezy. After getting changed and pulling my gear together, I went to wait for the shuttle to get to the starting line.

The 25k started right at 8:00 am…

2019 Brazos Bend 50 Recap

On April 6th, I ran the 50k at Brazos Bend 50.  The event was a Trail Racing Over Texas race located at Brazos Bend State Park outside of Needville, TX.  This is my Brazos Bend 50k recap.


Prior to the race, the race director sent out communication regarding issues at the park. Due to some erosion, there were parts of the park that were inaccessible by vehicle. Rob, the RD, had to do some work to find off-site parking and more shuttles to get the runners to the park. From my perspective, this change was executed flawlessly.

Race Day

I was up bright and early! 

I was on the road at 4:15 for the 90 minute drive out to Needville.  The pre-race emails stressed getting to the park betwen 90 minutes - 2 hours before race time.  I arrived in plenty of time and caught the shuttle to where the race would begin.  I was there in plenty of time to use the restroom, and chat it up with some friends.

Brazos Bend 50k Recap

The pre-race briefing was held 10 minutes prior to gun time. We we…

Goals for Brazos Bend 50 2019

Tomorrow morning is Brazos Bend 50! I'll be running the 50k again this year. Last year, I wasn't at my best and I'm hoping to get a little redemption at this race.

Brazos Bend 50 is held at Brazos Bend State Park, known in the area for it's population of gators. One of the attractions of the race is the thrill of seeing a gator cross your path during the race. It has never happened to me, this year it will be warmer so I'm hopeful that I'll see gators outside of the water.

Goals for Brazos Bend 50

Start out slow and steady. Finish under 7 hours.Embrace the long out and back between Windmill and Sawmill.High five as many TROT ambassadors as I can.
Last and the most important of them all... HAVE FUN and SMILE!

Have you ever ran a race again for redemption? Do you make goals other than time?

Old-Timey Pea Salad

Who hasn't gone to a summer time potluck and had a pea salad with chunks of cheese, in a creamy dressing? It really seems like a midwestern delicacy.

I recently bought a bag of fresh English peas with no real intention of using them for anything... they just looked good. It didn't take me long to be transported to time several years ago when I had that old fashioned pea salad... I started to wonder if it could be veganized. Folks, here's my version.

Old-Timey Pea Salad Ingredients For the Salad 10 oz fresh English peas 1/2 cup thinly sliced red onion 1 TBS fresh dill 1 1/2 TBS McCormick bac’n pieces 1/2 cup vegan cheese cut up (I used 2 1/2 slices Daiya cheddar cheeze) For the Dressing 1 TBS apple cider vinegar 1/3 cup tofu sour cream 1 TBS vegan mayo 1/4 tsp salt and pepper Instructions Cover peas in boiling water for 90 seconds, drain and rinse in cold water. Combine the rest of the salad ingredients. In separate bowl combine the dressing ingredients. Mix in the dre…

Jackfruit Etouffee

Happy almost Mardi Gras!

I had the inspiration to try to make some vegan etouffee one evening when I saw some crawfish in the grocery store.

In the past when I ate fish/seafood, etouffee was something that I really enjoyed. I thought that jackfruit would be a good replacement for the crawfish since it is pretty much a blank canvas. Evidently it looks like some type of fish because I had to stop the hubs from eating the rinsed and shredded jackfruit.

Jackfruit Etouffee
Ingredients 2 cans jackfruit (in brine), rinsed and shredded 2 large onions, diced 2 stalks celery, diced 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 green bell pepper, diced 1 red bell pepper, diced 1/4 cup Earth Balance 1/4 tsp sea salt 1/2 tsp black and white pepper 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper 1 1/2 TBS Slap Ya Mamma Crawfish Boil powder 1 TBS vegan Worcestershire sauce Tabasco sauce, to taste (I used about 10 shakes) 1/4 cup flour 1 cup hot water Instructions
Melt Earth Balance over low heat and saute vegetables slowly until they ar…

Jackalope Jam Recap

On Saturday, February 23 I ran Jackalope Jam. I chose the 24 hour duration with the hopes that I would earn my first buckle, get some "time on my feet" experience, and become ok with the dark.

This race is a timed event, so instead of racing a certain distance you race to get as many miles as you can within a certain time. The course is a 0.5 mile out & back (or 1 mile loop) down a rocky ranch road. It sounds boring in theory, but it really isn't all that bad.

Jackalope Jam Recap

On Friday morning, I got up bright and early to head to 7IL ranch for my volunteer shifts. I spent the day (from 7am-7pm) volunteering at packet pick-up. It was enjoyable spending time with some old and new friends... and talking to the runners about the goals for their race. I went away from my shifts inspired for the next day.

Saturday morning started out warm (almost 70), humid, and misty. After getting my gear together, I found a place under the "community tent" to set u…