My Gear

These are the items that I use on my runs:

Spandits! Fun and fashionable bottoms... from shorts to tights to skirts (and dresses). These are what I wear daily... depending on the weather I wear anything from shorts to their tights.  The fabric is so soft and has a good weight to it, and the flat-lock stitching ensures that I don't have any chafing.  I love that you can customize how they look (different pattern on each leg) and that you can adjust the length of inseam (no more rolled up tights or high-water tights).

Altra Shoes - From the moment I first tried these shoes on, I knew that they were the only shoe for me.  With their foot shaped toe box, they provide ample room for my toes to spread out and for my feet to feel happy.  My feet seriously feel better in them after running than then do before. I've got several different models of them for both road and trail running.

Injinji Toe Socks - These toe socks are awesome!  I use the women's run lightweight no-show... keeping the toes seperated in their own pocket really helps with blisters and allows the toes to splay naturally.

Oofos - The ultimate in recovery footwear.  These sandals make you feel like you are walking on clouds, yet have good support for the arches.

Nuun - Just a little tablet added to 16 oz of water helps keep you hydrated.  I use the Active when I am working out, and recently tried the Performance for my long run.  I use Vitamin and Energy to drink during the day when I need a little break from water.

Huma Gels - I love these gels!  I use them during my long runs to help keep me from bonking.  They are made with real ingredients, and aren't heavy or ultra sweet like other brands - plus they are vegan!

Nathan Hydration Handheld - I use the Speed Draw Plus Insulated Flask.  It fits well in my hand and I mostly forget that I am carrying it.  The hand strap keeps it strapped in without really having to grip it, and the pocket is large enough to carry some running essentials (gel, chews, etc).

Trail Toes - This stuff keeps my feet from blistering... even if it rains... even on really long runs.

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