Workouts - Last Week Today - May 1 & April Recap

picsart_05-01-02.25.10.jpgAside from the half marathon on Sunday, this week's workouts really missed the mark.  I really didn't do much of anything. We were planning on heading back from Galveston on Monday, but the weather was so nice, we all decided to extend the trip one more day.

Here is how my week lined up:

Sunday - Run Like A Diva half marathon - 2:18. You can read all about it here.

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - Rest

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - Planned - 3 miles easy; Actual - Rest. My monthly friend came to visit me today, and I did not feel like doing anything besides curling up on the couch after work.

Friday - 3 miles easy with my girl Anam


Saturday - Planned 5 miles easy; Actual - 0. Just couldn't pull myself out of bed after the thunderstorms that hit in the am... I dozed on and off until 10:30 am, then had to get ready for a baby shower and date night with the hubs.

TOTAL miles = 16

April Goal Wrap-up

I cannot believe today is May 1!  This year is flying by way too fast.

I made some running goals for the year in January and it's time to check in to see how I'm progressing on them.

Goal:  Run 1,000 miles in 2016. I'm just a little off track, but not by much! I was able to get in 76 miles in April.  I'm not too concerned with being off a little, as that number will rise as I begin training for my marathon this fall.

april run goal

Goal:  Run 4 Half Marathons in 2016.  I'm currently signed up for 4.  I just ran #2 last Sunday and have #3 Running With The Cows in 13 days!

I'm linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin’ for the Weekly Wrap, plus Nicole, Annmarie, Angelena Marie, and Michelle for Wild Workout Wednesday.

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  1. Wow! You're well on your way to crushing your half marathon goal for the year! Do you think you'll do more than 4?

  2. Running with the cows? I want to run with cows! Sounds fun. I'm a little sad it's May already. It's going to be so hot here now that racing will come to a screeching halt. I have a few 5ks in May and I'm sadly done for a while. I'll refocus for a while on water skiing. I see you are a Level Up Ambassador -- me too. What half (and when) do you have planned for #4? Thanks for linking with us Vicki!

  3. You are on track with your goals! Sounds like your body needed some recovery after that half!

  4. Running with the cows sounds fun! Way to rock your goals.

  5. It looks like your week went really well. The Running with the cows race sounds interesting. I've never heard of that one.

  6. Sometimes you just need to sleep in. It is always hard to get up to get a run in when the weather is not very nice. Great job reaching your goals. You are well on your way.

  7. Great job on your half last Sunday. Sounds like you had a good recovery week! Sounds like you are on your way to reaching your goals for the year. Way to go!

  8. Way to go on crushing 1,000 miles this year!!

    I need a day to sleep in, I'm jelly!

  9. I think I will do at least 5... depending on timing maybe 6.

  10. It sounded like fun, it is in the "country" back home... I'm running the half and my nieces are going to run the 5k. Racing season is pretty much over here as well, except for a few 5ks and that is sad. Half #4 will be the Houston Half Marathon at the end of October. I'm looking for at least another one in November/December - perhaps RnR San Antonio.

  11. Thanks! I'm looking forward to the cow race, it is back home in my old stomping grounds and my nieces are going to do the 5k so it should be a fun family day.

  12. Thanks! Running with the Cows is a small race in Kansas, looking forward to running in the "country".

  13. Another great month! You are smashing through your goals, beautifully! Keep it up!

  14. Woohoo! It's good to rest the week after a big race! Keep smashing those goals!

  15. Wooohoo! Way to be halfway done with your racing goals for the year- that is awesome!!!

  16. I'm with you, this year has just flown by!! May for me means racing is coming to a halt! It's just too hot here. You are doing great on your goals for the year. I appreciate your support in our link up!

  17. Yup, there isn't much racing in Houston in the summer months either, except for a 5k here and there. Starts back up in the fall.