Product Review - Running Buddy

Running Buddy - Buddy Pouch 6+

I run with a dog and a phone, neither are negotiable to run without.  On super hot days when I need to carry a water bottle, I struggled with how to hold my phone.  I have a super large phone (the Note 2) and was not interested in an arm band, and I wasn't too excited about wearing a belt.  I found out about the Running Buddy - Buddy Pouch from a web search and dove into the reviews.  Most everything I read stated that it worked with no bounce, no chafe and kept the phone sweat free.  I found that they had a size to fit large phones so I ordered up.

I absolutely love this thing! 

It fits my phone with otterbox case and it has another pocket where I can put id, key and little cash... it may even fit a gel or 2.  I had read some reviews where the pouch still bounced, and was concerned that it would bounce with the type of shorts I wear. The directions for the pouch states to wear on a flat part of your body ... I wear mine in the middle of my back and don't experience any bounce.  The magnets are very strong and hold it secure. Also, the material that the flap is made from is very soft and doesn't cause any irritation or chafe.

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