Injury... I think

I think I may have injured my Achilles Tendon... it started as I was leaving work on Saturday afternoon, I felt a pain in the back of my leg directly above my heel/ankle.  I went home, took some Advil and rested it.  I went out for a easy 3 miler plus strides that evening and it felt fine, a little stiff, but ok.

Sunday I could feel the spot that hurt when I flexed my foot, like it was stiff, but other than that it felt fine while walking.  That night was my LSD run... a 7 miler.  As I went out for the run, I felt great... 4 miles in it really started talking to me.  I tried focusing in on my form to see if the pain would go away... it really didn't, the intensity let up, but the pain was still there.  I'm really hoping this was from stretching myself too thin last week and cramming the full weeks worth of training into 4 days straight with no rest days.

I don't want to be down for the count or sidelined for weeks or months with an injury, so this week I'm going to take it easy.  My training plan only had 3 workouts on it anyway, so I'm going to do some R.I.C.E. and listen to my body.  Hopefully with some rest and recovery I won't be down for long.

So... this week, will be my horizontal kind of running week.

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