Virtual Run

The Houston Half & 10k organizers opted to make the run a "virtual run" so that folks could still run and get their finishers medal (and wear their race shirt with pride).  I opted to run my 10k on Sunday with my BRF Sorcha.  We started out in cloudy but no rain conditions... but it quickly progressed to a nice down pour.  We had fun! I really tried to get a 65 minute finish time, but was thwarted by a squirrel.  Sorcha went running after it and I was NOT prepared for it.

I can tell you, by experience now that they flying part only last a second (or less)... what follows is a hard kerplunk... then some sliding.  I was fortunate I suppose that the ground was soggy and cushioned my fall.  We finished up in good shape. My leash arm hurts pretty bad this morning, but otherwise I'm ok.


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