Workouts ... last week today - March 27

WeeklyWrapI'm joining the Weekly Wrap link up hosted by Holly at HoHoRuns and Tricia at MissSippiPiddlin.

I'm continuing to add HIIT from 12 minute athlete and Planks to my routine, and it is going well.  I can feel myself getting stronger as I do the exercises on the HIIT routine, however the planks are becoming increasingly hard as the time goes up.  I have started to divide the time between sets of planks.

This is how my week lined out...



Sunday - 8 miles steady (average pace 10:26) & 1 min 40 sec plank

Monday - 1 min, 45 sec plank

Tuesday - 4 miles easy + strides (4x 20 sec. with 2 min recovery) & 2 min plank (1 min x 2)

3.22 workout

Wednesday - HIIT & 2 min 5 sec plank (45 sec x 2, 35 sec x 1)

3.23 hiit

Thursday - 6 miles (4x1 mi fast, 2 min recovery)

My legs were a little sore from the HIIT yesterday... thinking it was the walking lunges that did it to me. I was not in the mood for a speed workout that day, but I kept after it and was glad I did.  Although, to be honest, thoughts of these steamed vegetable dumplings are what got me through the workout!


3.24 workout

Friday - HIIT  & 2 min 10 sec plank (45 sec x 2, 40 sec x 1)

3.09 hiit w

Saturday - Easy 5 miles (11:22 average pace)


TOTAL Miles = 23

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  1. I need to incorporate more HIIT into my workouts.What a great quick way to get the heart rate up.

  2. You got in some good mileage this week. I have not idea what HIIT is, but it sounds pretty hard. I've started working with a trainer and that is kind of kicking my butt.

  3. I downloaded the 12 Minuted Athlete...but I haven't done a workout yet. LOL. Baby steps. You had a great week of training! I don't plank every day, but am trying to increase my time by 10 seconds each time I do. It's getting tougher. Thanks for linking with us Vicki.

  4. Good week. Those dumplings look so good and now I am craving veggie dumplings :) I've tried plank challenges a few times and I always get to a point where I can't keep up with the increasing amount of time. It always gets frustrating and instead of splitting the time, like you do, I often end up quitting. Grrr. Plank challenges are the only thing I've ever quit after committing to.

  5. Yes me too! Need to work on my speed more. I have gotten into the habit of just running. It's so hard to get out of it too! I have to admit those dumplings do look very good and I have not had lunch yet!! Thank you Vicki for linking up with us in Weekly Wrap! Hope you have a great weekend!