2016 Goal Update

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The topic for today is “How are your 2016 goals coming along"

It is hard to believe that we are into the 2nd quarter of the year, time sure does fly by!

At the beginning of the year, I made several "aspirations" for the new year.  I prefer to call my resolutions, aspirations because I feel that it has a positive connotation to it that resolutions just doesn't have. They are goals for the new year, none the less.  Below is an update of how I have been doing against my goals for the year.

Among my Aspirations this year are the following:

  • Practice gratitude in my daily life - This one is going good.  I spend sometime before bedtime naming 3-5 things that I am grateful for... some days are harder than others.

  • Engage in the creative arts at least once per month - Terrible! I haven't done anything creative all year. 

  • Say yes to me - While this is quite abstract, I think I have been doing a good job at this.  I put it on there to remind myself to take care of me.  I have been saying no a lot more this year to requests that I don't have time or energy for, and practicing self care a lot more.  I think I'm winning at this one.

My fitness Aspirations are:
- Complete 4 half marathons - On my way... I have #2 for the year on Sunday and #3 on May 14.  I have signed up for #4 that will take place on Oct. 30.
- Run 1000 miles this year - On track... to date I have ran 285 miles.  I'm at 28% of goal.  
- Sign up and start training for the 2017 Houston Marathon - I have signed up! Will continue to build mileage and start training mid-September. 

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  1. Janelle @ Run With No RegretsApril 19, 2016 at 6:47 AM

    Great job on your goals so far, especially all of those miles! I definitely need to work on practicing gratitude, such a great way to end the day!

  2. Looks like you are right on track w your goals for 2016. Good job!

  3. You're doing great on your goals so far! I love the gratitude one. Being mindful of the goodness around us is a game changer for me. Thanks for linking up!

  4. Great job on your goals! I'm running Houston 2017 full again too. :)

  5. Great job - especially running those half marathons! I'm doing okay on my goals - your post reminded me I need to focus more. Thanks!

  6. I am not a resolutions person either but I like aspirations much better! Looks like you are on a great path so far this year

  7. I love the term aspirations, too. And, hello?, writing a blog is creative, so you're making progress toward the creative arts engagement portion of the program. Yay, you!

  8. Already signed up for a 2017 marathon!? Wow. That's impressive.

    While I didn't make a goal to run a certain # of races this year I do want to race more & more distances. So often I race once a training cycle & never just for fun so each race is like putting all my eggs in one basket. A bad race really becomes a bummer. I think if I raced more often it might take away some of that pressure.

  9. Ah... thank you for pointing that one out... winning! :)