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Today the topic is racing. Are you a one and done type? Or do you run the same ones over and over?

I like to run a variety of races. However, if there is a race that is well organized and the course is great, I will definitely put it back on my race calendar for the next year.

When I lived in Kansas City, I never missed the chance to run the Trolley Run. It was the best race in the area... I believe it was the largest 4 mile race in the country, but you wouldn't guess it, because every detail was so well coordinated.

Since living in Houston, I haven't across a race that I would run over and over. While, there have been a couple races that are great, I'm not sure I would run in them again. I am still looking for the best race in Houston.

So... at this point, I think I fall in the 'one and done' camp.

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  1. There are only a few races that I like to repeat. There are so many great ones out there so it's hard to keep going back to the same ones when there are plenty other races to try.

  2. I agree... $$ only goes so far. It is fun to try the new experiences.

  3. Typically I only repeat if the race is super convenient, cheap and easy to get to. You'll have to find the racing gems in Houston and let us know about them!

  4. I've found a few already!