May The Forth Be With You Virtual Race Recap

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Today the topic is the weird stuff that happens/you see at races or out on the run? I don't have much to share... not sure if it is because I don't see much weird stuff when running, or that I have just forgotten it. So, I'm sharing a recap from my last virtual race in May.

I signed up to run the May The 4th Be With You Virtual Race in May.  I opted to run it as one of my training tempo runs.  I thought the challenge of it being an actual race would assist with motivation.

The May The 4th Be With You  Virtual Run, was organized by Level Up Runs.  This was the second virtual run I ever participated in, and I enjoyed this experience as much as the first.  I signed up for the 10K distance as it fit in great with the training I was doing for my half marathon.

Even though this race wasn't "officially" timed, I had a goal to keep my pace under 10:00/mile. I ended meeting that goal, knowing that this was a "race" helped me to keep the pace up.


When I finished, I entered in my details into the "Submit Your Results" area on for accountability purposes.

star wars virtual
A few weeks later, my medal came in the mail.  It is very nice... and LARGE!

Level Up Runs has races lined up each month this summer.  This month is the Cowabunga 5k, isn't the medal cute?

June medal

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  1. I'm the same as you - I feel like I very rarely see anything out of the ordinary on my runs. Either that, or I am so distracted from trying to maintain my pace, keep my footing, etc., that I just don't notice! LOL. Congratulations on meeting your sub-10:00 pace goal during your virtual 10K! The medal is fabulous. I LOVE BB8 - he is the cutest droid ever!

  2. Well done Vicki! That BB8 medal is super cute.