Workouts - Last Week Today - June 12


This week's mileage was dismal.

I feel like I am in a slump... and I don't really like it!

I dug out my Jawbone and got it charged up so at least I could make sure that I was getting in at least 10k steps.

Sunday - Last day at deer camp with the hubs. We did a little hiking.

Monday I made it to the Goose's Acre Running Club social run for an easy 3.25.

Tuesday morning I work up with severe pain in my foot... it hurt to bend my toes, it hurt to walk.  I hobbled off to work and spent a lot of the day icing my foot at my desk.

Wednesday my foot felt better, but still a little rough around the edges... wasn't hobbling as much, but stiill iced it a bit.  Thursday morning it was feeling 100%, and good thing because the hubs and I headed to the mountains in Colorado to spend time with family.

Thursday - we spent the day in Denver walking around downtown before heading up to the mountains. I did get in 11,519 steps.

Friday - headed up to the mountains for Hot Sulfur days.  We sort-of camped with family there and enjoyed the festivities.  Logged 8.615 steps.


Saturday - we enjoyed more festivities at Hot Sulphur days and soaked in the hot springs.  I got in 13,705 steps.

Total miles = 3.25

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  1. How cool to be soaking in a hot sulfur spring. What other festuvities do they have at Hot Sulfur days? I hope your foot. is better. Thanks for linking Vicki!

  2. How very cool, ummm hot :) I've never been in Hot springs.They have one/some in Arkansas. Great job on your steps this week I hope your foot issues are gone as quickly as they came!

  3. they had horseshoe competition, pie baking and salsa contests, live bands and fireworks. foot is sooooo much better, thanks.

  4. the springs were awesome... first time i have ever tried them out, definatly won't be the last.

  5. We saw some hot springs while vacationing in Yellowstone. I wanted to soak in some. It looks like a neat experience. I hope your foot feels better soon!