Cowabunga 5k Virtual Race Recap

I signed up to run the Cowabunga 5k Virtual Race in June.  I ran it as part of the social run I do with Gooses Acre Running Club.  With the heat, I had no goals for time... I just wanted to have a fun run, I thought running in a group would make it seem more "racey".

The Cowabunga 5k  Virtual Run, was organized by Level Up Runs.  This is my 3rd virtual run I have participated in, and I enjoyed this experience as much as the first.  Unlike their other races, where you can choose your distance (5k, 10k, or half marathon), this one was specifically a 5k.

It was super hot the day I chose to run.  I took walking water breaks... walking for a tenth of a mile for every mile ran. I was thankful every time I hit a patch of shade and for the breeze.


The route was along a waterway, it is flat for the most part, the only elevation is going up to a bridge over the water. I kept up a decent pace and even ran a little extra.


When I finished, I entered in my details into the "Submit Your Results" area on for accountability purposes.

cowabunga 5k

A few weeks later, my medal came in the mail.  It is very nice... and LARGE!


They really do a nice job on the medals at Level Up Runs... check out the detail and the messaging on the back.

20160708_174556.jpg  20160708_175326.jpg

Level Up Runs has races lined up each month this summer.  This month is the Just Keep Running Virtual Run, isn't the medal cute? I plan on running the 5k.  Who else is in?  You can save 10% on registration by using code SAVE10 when you register here.

July Medal

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