Weekly Workouts - Last Week Today - August 28

fontover_201671013354641-1.jpgHad a great week of running this week. The is my 7th week of training for the Houston Half. My plan has had a 5th running day for the past couple of weeks... it is generally a 3 mile slow run. I have to admit, I haven't ran the extra day since it has been introduced.  My body just has needed rest, and I'm ok with it.

We are back in the pattern of pop-up storms in Houston, it is keeping the temperature down, but boy... the humidity sure makes it steamy.

I am not enjoying the fact that it gets darker so much earlier.  In the middle of the summer I was going out at 7:30 and getting back at dusk, but now it seems I'm going out at 6:30 and getting back after dark (my safety office is not thrilled).

Here's how my week shook out:

Sunday - 13 miles LSD.  I had 12 on my plan, but between faulty running math and enjoying the run I got in an extra mile.


Monday - Rest.

Tuesday - 6 miles easy effort + strides (average pace 11:41). This one felt hard... it super soupy out and my legs were not feeling so great.

Wednesday - Rest.  I had 3 miles easy on my plan, but my body was exhausted.  I opted for foam rolling and rest.

Thursday - 6 miles with 4 miles fast - fast we supposed to be between 10:45-11:40 (fast splits 10:15/10:36/10:31/10:15)


Friday - Rest.

Saturday - 6 miles easy effort (average pace 11:04)

Total miles = 31.5

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  1. I think you have a much better attitude about your steamy runs than I do! LOL. Great job on Sunday's LSD. Isn't it crazy how much math a run involves? Even with a GPS watch, I still am constantly calculating. In a race? It's like I get too tired or frazzled to do math correctly! I haven't run 5 days a week in a while. I'm a little gun shy after my injury last year and have filled the void with other activities (like cycling). I wouldn't worry about keeping it at 4 days. Thanks for linking, Vicki!

  2. Today was the first night I actually noticed that it is getting darker earlier. This summer there were evenings when I was just going to start my run at 8:30 pm! I guess those days are over..lol

    Good job getting all those miles in even in the humidity!

  3. I am really not enjoying the shorter days. I get up early to run and the sun has started sleeping in much later than me :/
    You are doing great with your running! You are going to kick this half marathon's butt!

  4. Looks like a great week! Fabulous miles you logged, too! I love/hate when I mess up my math and get in an extra mile. :)

  5. I think you know your body best. I know 5 days a week for me is too much. My body feels too fatigued to get in my key workouts if I try that.

  6. Yea... I really think 4 is my happy spot.

  7. Hooray for an amazing week of running!!!

  8. Way to go!! I think 4 days is plenty - in fact, my plan only has me running 3x per week! I'm also surprised at how dark it's starting to get. I went out for a run around 6:30pm last night and it was dark by the end of it!

  9. Great job with your training, sometimes the hardest thing we do is have to listen to our body and give it a break. Sounds like you did that just fine! Thanks for linking up with us each week Vicki!