Race Do-Over

wp-1473774907071.jpgToday I'm joining the lovely ladies for Tuesdays On The Run.  Where we talk about a different topic each week that is running related.

Today's topic is "Race Do-overs"... what race would you like to do-over, to correct mistakes, or relive the glory.

For me... one comes to mind - Elves On The Run.  I crashed and burned at that event... but now having about a years worth of running and racing under my belt, there are a few things that I would change.

First of all, I would change my choice for lunch.  I ate a Schlotzsky's veggie sandwich and a cup of soup for lunch, hours before the race. That will never be a pre-race meal for me again as I did not enjoy reliving it through the race.

Next, I'd choose better clothes for the race.... adhering to the "dress for 20 degrees warmer".  The capris, t-shirt, and jacket was just too hot for 60 degrees. In addition, I'd pin my bib to my shirt prior to leaving for the race.

Lastly, I'd start out slower so as to not to crash and burn later in the race.

Even though I can go back and have a do-over, I have incorporated these learnings into races since then with great success.

Do you have a race you'd like to do-over? Do you incorporate learnings from previous races into your future race strategy? 

Today I'm linking up with MCM Mama Runs, Marcia’s Healthy Slice, and My no-guilt life for Tuesdays on the Run.


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  1. Every race teaches us something for sure. I've definitely made pre-race food mistakes. Ugh.

  2. It's really, really, really hard to fuel for a nighttime race. I love running at night on occasion, but I have yet to be able to fuel effectively for one.

    While I"m sorry it wasn't a great race, I'm glad you were able to learn from the mistakes and put that knowledge to use in the future.

  3. I struggle with race day attire EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I'm a freeze baby so if it's not shorts and tank weather, I immediately overdress. Or at least plan to. I *think* I've finally got it down but time will tell I guess. Haha!

  4. My friend and I were just discussing what we were going to wear for the Halloween race this weekend, and she reminded me of how warm you get while running, so we had to rethink our costumes.

  5. It's easy to overdress!

  6. I don't like being cold, so it is a struggle to remember not to overdress.

  7. I try to remember that it is a learning experience, so not a total loss.

  8. At least we can learn from our mistakes :-)

  9. It's always good to learn from past race decisions. I've definitely had some not so great races, but I kind of look at at from the perspective that they can't all be great and it just makes me appreciate the good ones that much more =)

  10. Yes... I agree with your perspective, from races to runs.