September Running Recap & October Goals

This year is flying by way too fast! It is amazing that it is the beginning of another new month.  Time to reflect on my running and goals for this year, my September goals and look forward to what I want to reach for October.


Goal:  Run 1,000 miles in 2016. I'm progressing on this... I'm thinking that this will go down to the wire!  I got in 66 miles in September ... my second lowest month this year, while I am disappointed in the monthly mileage total, I know backing off was the right thing to do.


Goal:  Run 4 Half Marathons in 2016.  I've ran 3 so far - 1. Jail Break Run, 2. Run Like A Diva, 3. Running With The Cows.  I am currently training for the Houston Half at the end of this month.  In addition, I am planning on running a 5th Half Marathon in December, the Santa Hustle in Galveston, so I will exceed this goal.

Goal: Register for and start training for the 2017 Houston Marathon.  I'm registered, and I have started training.

September Goals

In September, I decided to make some monthly goals to help me focus on things that I'm always thinking I need to do, but don't always do it.  Here is how I did against those goals:

  1. Eat Better - In August I fell into the trap of eating like crap, and my energy levels and the overall way that I felt tanked.  My goal for September is to limit junk food and candy and eat more healthy, unprocessed meals. - I did very well against this goal.  I passed up candy all month, and limited my intake of chips to just a few times during the month.  I cooked the majority of my meals this month, striving for whole, unprocessed foods.  Grade = A.

  2. Strengthening exercises - I haven't done any other type of exercises since earlier this year when I was doing HIIT 2x/week.  My goal for September is to do HIIT or body weight exercises 2x/week. I got a late start on this, but managed to do a body weight exercise routine 5 times during the month.  Grade = C.

  3. Foam rolling - I've dropped off from foam rolling and my legs are not very happy.  My goal for September is to foam roll after each run. I religiously foam rolled after each run this month!  Grade = A+

  4. Yoga - I haven't practiced yoga in several months.  My goal for September is to get in a yoga workout at least 1x/week. I only managed to practice 1 time this month.  Grade D.

  5. Listen to my body - With the upped mileage and higher intensity workouts, I've been more tired and feeling a little sore at times.  My goal for September is to listen to my body and be ok with what it is telling me, at times I may need to force a rest day or lower down on intensity. I think I did really well on this goal as well.  Between my foot hurting me early in the month and the extreme fatigue I was feeling later in the month, I forced rest days and adjusted my schedule as I needed to. Grade A.

October Goals

  1. Make sleep a priority.  I am pretty good at getting my sleep, but I know I can improve.  I have a habit of staying up too late reading.  I need to strive for at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

  2. Limit alcohol consumption.  While I don't drink every day, or even a lot when I do... I think that limiting it even further will help get me to where I need to be. I would like to limit to 4 drinks/week.

  3. Continue with strengthening exercises 2x/week and foam rolling after each run.

  4. Yoga - get in a practice at least 1x/week.

  5. Take care of me. I've let my annual health exams fall my the wayside in recent years.  I need to get back on track with them.  Get that mammogram and well woman exam scheduled!


How are you doing on your 2016 goals?  Do you make monthly goals?


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  1. ah sleep yes sleep! I think you are going to hit your running goal!

  2. Good goals! I've been slacking on my foam rolling and stretching/hip work at home. I need to be better about that!

  3. Great goals! Do you have any tips to share on how to say no to chips? I really struggle to stay away from them!

  4. Great job on your September goals! Overall you killed it!

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. Sleep, it is important! Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  6. I have really noticed a difference since I stopped slacking on the foam rolling. I hope you do too!

  7. Chips are my weakness! Aside from the obvious... not buying them, which really doesn't work for me. If I have a sandwich for lunch I like to have chips, I've found that if I choose another side like salad or soup with my sandwich and tell myself that if I am still hungry I can have a few chips afterwards, that I'm too hungry and don't eat them.

  8. You did a great job with your September goals - I've really enjoyed this linkup because it helps keep me accountable. I don't think I could stay from sweets for an entire month, but I'm cutting back significantly for October!

  9. I told myself I'd try to make sleep a priority and yet here I am at 11:20 reading blogs hahahaha. #struggles

  10. You should be totally proud of all of the running you are doing! Even if you don't quite hit your goal, you are doing amazing for the year. And running 5 halfs too! Good on you =)
    I need to do yoga too. I get to it like once a year though haha. Maybe I should try to make it a goal of twice a month and then once a week.
    "I have a habit of staying up too late reading." Ah me too! Especially if I find I haven't had time to read during the day, I want to spend a good chunk before bed to read, but then it interferes with sleep.
    You are doing great with your goals and inspiring me to keep on top of mine =)