Vegan Fancy Nachos

Tex Mex is usually what I gravitate towards.

Give me a spoon and some salsa and I'll be happy.

I had a craving for nachos the other day and knew I could make them super yummy, so that is just what I did.

Note:  These taste a lot better than they look, I wasn't thinking about picture quality when I picked up the blue corn and flax tortilla chips at the store.

I used leftover cashew cream sauce from my Stuffed Sweet Potatoes.

 Vegan Fancy Nachos
Tortilla chips
Vegetarian refried black beans
Cashew cream sauce
Pickled jalapeno slices
Arrange chips on a plate. Spoon a bit of refried beans on each chip and top with some cashew cream sauce. Microwave for about 30 seconds. Top each chip with salsa, guacamole and a jalapeno slice.

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  1. Mm. I love any kind of nachos! These look great.

  2. I love nachos! Do you make your own refried beans? I often just chop up avocado with tomato, cucumber and chilli and scoop it up with the chips! Delish! :)

  3. I have done my own refried beans before, but weeknights call for just opening up a can. Your dip sounds great!

  4. These sound good! I could see myself making these as appetizers for movie nights. :)

    Sometimes things don't look as good as they taste but I bet these are amazing!

  5. The pictures turned out well! Blue corn chips are prettier than the bland yellow ones ;) These sound great! Perfect for a quick "taco Tuesday"
    Thanks for sharing at Healthy Vegan Fridays - I'm pinning & sharing. Hope you're having a great week Vicki.

  6. Hello Vicki

    I like this recipe. Beans, peas and other legumes are a staple for the vegan diet. But most of them are complicated to cook from scratch, requiring hours of soaking, rinsing and cooking or you can use the canned ones. Lentils, on the other hand, cook as fast as rice, usually a 15 minute simmer will suffice. They require no rinsing or soaking.

    Lentils come in many varieties and colors, and each variety has its own flavor and texture. You are probably familiar with brown lentils, which have a satisfying earthy flavor and texture. Yellow and red lentils get softer when cooked, so they are great as a spread for wraps, or in a blended soup. Black lentils are firmer and smoother, with a delicate flavor, which makes them great as an entree, in a soup broth, or a bean salad.

    I wish you all the best of luck.