December Runfessions


I'm linking up with the lovely ladies today for Friday Five 2.0 and the fabulous Marcia for Runfessions.  I can't believe that December is pretty much in the books, let alone 2016!  I have a few things on my mind to Runfess...

  1. I have really enjoyed my runs during the marathon training cycle... but to tell you the truth, I am really looking forward to the taper.

  2. I am getting my sleep!  I have my jawbone up programed to remind me at 8:30 to start getting ready for bed, lately... I've been anxiously awaiting the reminder, and a couple times have actually found myself in bed before it went off. 

  3. After our cold snap in mid-December, I got a little concerned that I only had 4 pair of tights... I may have ordered a some more Spandits!tights (with a pair of shorts mixed in for good measure. 

  4. Of course since that cold snap, it's been anything but cool here in Houston... I have to admit with marathon day looming, I have been stalking the 10 day forecast for a hint of what to expect, I know it doesn't do any good, and it is longer than 10 days out... but I can't help myself.

  5. Expecting the worse for weather (hot & humid)... I may or may not have placed another order for more Spandits! of the short variety... I think I have a problem...

What do you have to runfess?

I'm linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup and with Marcia's Healthy Slice for Runfessions.

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  1. Hah! I always think I need more clothes for the new season since I've forgotten all I have. We've had a few cold days here. Good luck with the weather!

  2. You can never have too many clothes...especially tights! Of course, I'm in Iowa, so tights are kind of am on-going necessity this time of year. And, on occasion, I do pull out a favorite pair from the bottom of the stack and discover the elasticity has gone it's best to have some extras ready and available. I also look forward to the taper (especially when there's a 26.2 looming). Good luck!!

  3. I got some fleece running tights for Christmas and haven't worn them on a cold run yet but i'm sure they'll come in handy soon enough. Good luck at your upcoming race. Marathon training feels so good when it's over!

  4. I am with you: Spandits are irresistible! Here's to some nice cool weather for your marathon. Wouldn't that be a treat!

  5. Those Spandits are so cute! Which ones will you wear for your marathon? And you can never have enough...

  6. Cool weather would be a treat!

  7. I was wanting to wear the mamba capris... but alas, I think the weather will be too warm, time for plan b (which I haven't come up with yet). :-)

  8. Ah your tights are SO CUTE!
    I'm with 'ya on the sleep - I'm falling in bed around 9pm every night. I remember fighting my mom to avoid naptime as a toddler. Why??? Sleep is awesome!