Workouts - Last Week Today - March 19

fontover_201671013354641-1.jpgI had a solid week of running this week.  I continued with my plank-a-day and went to yoga class.  I only ran three times this week, totally ok with that as I had a half marathon on the books for today (more about that this week).

My runs felt better than they did last week.  I still slacked on the foam rolling, but upped my hydration game (thanks Kim for the recommendation).

I'm still trying to do that transition with my running days to get that day off during the weekend... I'm not really seeing it working... time will tell.

I've also been captively watching the March Madness... it seriously is my favorite time of the year! I love all the great, close games... and the fact that my Jayhawks are still in it has me so happy.  I have an alumni group that meets close by, it is nice being able to yell and cheer with some like minded folks (especially here in TX). this is a shot of our turnout from the game this afternoon. KU plays again Thursday!

This is how my week ended up:

Sunday - Rest. 1:00 plank.

Monday - 4 miles easy with the Goose's Acre Running Club... we had a great fundraiser after our run for St. Baldricks, it was a blast.  1:00 plank.

Tuesday - Yin yoga class. 1:00 plank.

Wednesday - 3 miles easy with my sweetie Anam.  1:00 plank.

Thursday - 4 miles easy with my sweet girl Sorcha. 1:00 plank.


Friday - Rest. 1:00 plank.

Saturday - Rest. 1:00 plank.


Total Miles = 11

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  1. I'm not big into basketball, but March Madness is different! Great week!

  2. I don't usually watch college basketball, but I really enjoy March Madness! So fun that you've got an alumni group to watch the games with!

  3. I really should try that plank a day challenge. I feel like I have got quite out of shape with my planking.
    You still did three runs after a half? You are hard core girl! I always take a week off after a half. I'm a running wuss compared to you haha ;)
    Your pups are SO CUTE! It reminds me that I should take mine out more. She LOVES it, but I really need to work with her more on leash training.

  4. Totally not a basketball fan at all so March Madness well it has a different meaning for me. Great job on your planking your very consistent, something I am not!
    What kind of dog is Sorcha? She looks very pretty, I love running with my dogs.