Workouts - Last Week Today - June 4

Workouts Last Week TodayWelcome to my weekly workout recap, today I'm recapping my workouts from last week today.

This week I managed to get in 4 runs this week, including two with Anam. The heat and humidity managed to keep my pace very slow.  On Thursday I started my plank-a-day x2.

Workouts Last Week Today:

Sunday - Pajama day!!!

Monday - Set out to do 10 easy miles... ended with 12.

During my last mile I got a running partner, he followed me the mile from one end of our neighborhood to our house.  The hubs suggested I run him back to where I picked him up and find his people. Long story short, he followed me back home and it appeared we were stuck trying to find his home (he was really well behaved and obviously taken care of).  The next day (after I left for work, but before the hubs could get him to the vet), he got loose from our house and found another person that was walking (she couldn't shake him either). She managed to get him to a vet to check for a chip and found his people.


Tuesday - 4.5 miles with Anam.

Wednesday - 3.5 miles with Anam.

Thursday - 1:00 am plank, 1:00 pm plank.


Friday - 1:00 am plank, 1:00 pm plank.


Saturday - 4 miles.  I waffled back and forth whether to run... but I finally talked myself into it and made it out the door at 10... brutally hot, but I'm considering it heat training. 1:00 am plank, 1:00 pm plank.

Total Miles = 24

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  1. How nice you were able to reconnect the dog with his owner! I've had dogs follow me too, and it's nice to make sure they find their way home. Altho it would be better if the owners would keep the dogs leashed.

  2. Fairytales and FitnessJune 4, 2017 at 2:03 PM

    I had a little dog follow me (or chase me) on a run once. He was just a little yappy thing that kept running between my feet. I thought for sure he was going to bite my ankles..haha. Glad your friends found his owners!

  3. That was really sweet of you to connect the dog with his owner. Looks like you had a solid week of training!

  4. Awwe, what a cute dog! I am glad that he was reunited with his owners - I know they must have been thrilled.

    Great job on your runs his week!

  5. great news that the dog reunited with its owners- wandering dogs make me a little nervous! Great job with those hot miles! Now no matter what time I start they are hot miles! Thanks for linking up!

  6. He was such a little sweetie. It is so frustrating to come across unleashed or unfenced dogs!

  7. Oh no... sometimes the little ones are the ones that bite!

  8. Thanks... he was such a sweet little guy, I knew his owners had to be franticly missing him.

  9. Thanks! I'm happy he was reunited too... he was so well behaved - he had to be missed badly.

  10. Yes... the wandering dogs frustrate me! Yup... it is hot now no matter what time... the big decision is run in am when humidity is higher, or at night when lower, but air temp higher, decisions... decisions :-)