5 Goals for Xterra Magnolia Hill

5 goals for xterra magnolia hill

Sunday I will be running in the Xterra Magnolia Hill 21k in Navasota, TX. This will be my third trail run for this year... I really do enjoy trail running.  I wasn't really planning on running a half marathon in the heat of a Houston summer, but I'd be running the mileage anyway. This matched up with my training schedule and I thought that it would be a nice change of pace for my long run.  Even though I'm not racing it, I still have some goals for the day.

5 Goals for Xterra Magnolia Hill

  1. Practice pre-race meals (evening prior and breakfast).

  2. Execute on fueling and hydration strategy.

  3. Keep pace "steady" through the race.

  4. Don't fall.

  5. Have fun!!

Any one else sign up for races as training runs?  Do you make goals for races other than time goals?

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  1. I'm terrible at using races as training runs (just ask Rachel). But I know people who are successful at it!

    Good luck. I can't even imagine racing in the middle of summer in Houston! I'm shuddering just thinking about it.

  2. Thanks.. I am wondering what I was thinking right now :-)

  3. I do a lot of races as training runs ;-) I'm not much of a "racer" anyways, so the races work well if the distance falls in line with my training plan.

  4. I don't do races as training runs because I don't want to pay when I can run my regular route.

    Have a great race..run!!!

  5. I love the change of pace!