Chicago Marathon Training - Week 2

Workouts Last Week TodayI've just finished week 2 of my 16 week training cycle for the Chicago Marathon.

I continued my focus on cross-training and strength training this week, that gym membership certainly is coming in handy.  I had a treadmill run today at the gym, after the whack-a-doo scare in our neighborhood.  I slacked off on my planking, but got in at least one plank most days.

I can't say that my diet was stellar, but it wasn't bad.  I had my Bruschetta Pasta for lunch during the week, but succumbed to ice cream at the office birthday celebration.  It's all about moderation, so I'm not going to beat myself up of it.

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 2:

Monday - 4 miles easy with stride-outs. It was cool enough to run with Anam, she was excited to go!  1:00 am plank/1:00 pm plank.

Chicago Marathon Training Week 2

Tuesday - 30 minutes on bike, strength session focusing on bi's, tri's, shoulders, glutes, and quads.  1:00 am plank/1:00 pm plank.

Wednesday - 6 miles easy on the treadmill with stride-outs.  1:00 am plank/1:00 pm plank.

Chicago Marathon Training Week 2

Thursday - 30 minutes on bike, strength session (same as Tuesday) 1:00 am plank.

Friday - 4 miles easy.

Chicago Marathon Training Week 2

Saturday - 10 miles slow. It was hot and steamy, next time I'm going to have to get out even earlier... 7:30 just wasn't early enough.  I tried out my hydration vest. 1:00 am plank.

Chicago Marathon Training Week 2

Sunday - Rest Day.

Total Miles = 25

I'll be taking the next week off of blogging as I'll be vacationing in Jamaica... will try to post some awesome photos on Instagram.

I'm linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin’, and special guest hostess  Kim @ Running on the Fly for the Weekly Wrap.


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  1. The key is getting out there as early as possible. I know it isn't easy but so worth it when it it hot outside.

    Which hydration vest do you have? I recently got a Nathan Intensity and ran with it yesterday. I am very impressed with it. I ran 16 miles and actually ran out of water but overall like it a lot.

  2. Planning on getting out by 630 next time!

    I have the Nathan Intensity too... It is only the 3rd time I've ran with it... It it working for me. I loaded it up with ice and it helped keep my back cool for a while.

  3. Congrats on another great week of training for Chicago. I can't believe that we have less than 100 days until the big day!

  4. Omg! It's getting close!

  5. You had a solid week! Great job an getting all those miles done. Have fun in Jamaica!

  6. I filled half of it with water, froze it overnight, and then added then filled it up with water the next morning. Worked perfectly!

  7. Great job with your training! The humidity this summer is miserable. Enjoy your vacation :)