Chicago Marathon Training - Week 5

Workouts Last Week TodayI'm recapping the past week of training for the Chicago Marathon.  This was Chicago Marathon Training - Week 5 in the training cycle.

This week the treadmill was my friend fore 75% of my workouts.  It's a total steam bath in H-town and the treadmill allows me to hit my paces on my temp runs and speed days without suffering from heat stroke.  After the terrible calf cramp last week, I rested it for a day and I was able to run most of my runs without issue... it just felt tight.  However that all changed on Saturday, as I tried to get in my prescribed 12 miles.  It started really hurting at mile 7... by mile 8.5, I decided to call it quits and grabbed an Uber home.  I only got in 2 planks this week... 2 is better than none, but not anywhere near my goal.

I continued eating healthy and made up some great meals for lunches during the week, which included - curry roasted vegetable and lentil kale salad, vegan nicoise salad, and some spicy chickpea summertime stew..

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 5:

Monday - Rest.

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 5

Tuesday - 4 miles easy on treadmill with stride-outs.

Wednesday - 30 minutes on bike, strength session focusing on bi's, tri's, shoulders, glutes, and quads.

Thursday - 7 miles total - 1 mile easy/1.5xbetween 9:50-9:30 pace/1 mile easy on treadmill.

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 5

Friday - 4 miles easy, strength session focusing on bi's, tri's, shoulders, glutes, and quads.

Saturday - 8.5 miles easy

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 5


Sunday - Rest


Total Miles = 23.5

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  1. I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to run in that kind of heat. It gets hot and humid here in the DC metro area, but I'm sure that's nothing compared to what you experience. Good job!!!

  2. I''m so sorry to hear about your calf :( I hope that it will feel better with rest.

  3. I have to admit, this is the first time in yearrsss that I've regretted giving away my treadmill. This summer seems extra brutal. I do still have a Y membership and may actually do a TM run before the summer is over! I hope your calf issue will resolve itself soon!

  4. I don't run on the treadmill. I hate it. It hasn't been a hot summer here but sure has been humid and rainy.

    Hope your calf heals quickly.

    Thanks for linking up.