Goals for Lake Houston 10k

Goals for Lake Houston 10k

Tomorrow I will be running in the Lake Houston 10k in Kingwood, TX.

Today, as the temperature climbed to 100, I was questioning my sanity for (a) racing in mid-August in Houston and (b) training for a fall marathon in Houston. This matched up with my training schedule as I am supposed to do a "fast" 6 miles before my long run for the week.

I've never ran this race before or in the Kingwood area.  I'm hoping for a fairly flat course and some "lake cooled" breezes.  As usual, I've got some goals to share, these are my 5 goals for Lake Houston 10k.

5 Goals for Lake Houston 10k

  1. Respect the distance.

  2. Stay hydrated!

  3. Time goals:  A - 1:00, B - 1:05, C - 1:10.

  4. Progressive splits.

  5. Have fun!!

Do you make goals for races other than time goals?

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