5 Things Seen On My Summer Runs

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Happy Friday!  I'm joining in with the Friday 5 fun today, where the topic today is unique running routes.  My routes aren't too unique.. so I'm sharing 5 things I've seen on my summer runs!

5 Things I've Seen On My Summer Runs

  1. Turtles... I usually don't see snapping turtles, he must have been relocated after Harvey.

  2. Big white birds

  3. On my weekend long run, I get to see the sun coming over the trees!

  4. One route has is a koi pond

  5. The coldest water fountains in the summer... seriously the water is ice cold!What unique running routes do you have?  Do you see a lot of wildlife on your runs? 

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  1. I never luck out and get cold water fountains. They are always just luke warm. That is a Huge turtle!

  2. Not much wildlife in the city limits...though I have spotted a few 'coons on occasion (in the early, pre-sunrise hours).

  3. Some of the drinking fountains on my runs do not have very cold water. It's so weird!

    Even though I live in a very populous area, I see a lot of wildlife on my runs.

  4. I do not have unique running routes. I pick a route depending on the run. I run by my house, on the trail, or along the lakefront. The best route I have run in is Alaska. Beautiful there.

  5. Ooooh a cold water fountain is SO excellent! I wish I had any water fountain but nada here. We've got amazing wildlife here but I hate when turtles go in the street!

  6. Every single one I've ran across is luke warm too, except this one... I always try to include it on my route on the hot days.

  7. Most of mine are luke warm at best... this cold one was an awesome find during a hot 18-miler :-)

  8. I can't even imagine how beautiful Alaska is...

  9. I see so many people stop their cars and get out to pick up a turtle and set them away from the road.

  10. I don't usually see lots of wildlife in my races and I believe that you're lucky to enjoy the nature, Vicki!