Reflections on Marathon Training

I'm still riding my marathon high, but getting ready to tackle Houston Marathon in a little over 12 weeks.  As I start to put my plan together, I have some reflections on marathon training.

While my finish time in Chicago wasn't what I had hoped it would be, I still finished and got a PR.  I didn't hit the wall like I did at my first marathon, and I really think that the extras that I incorporated in my training helped.  The two pictures were taken around mile 22ish in each ... I think the difference in the way I felt is evident in the pictures.

[caption id="attachment_3240" align="aligncenter" width="203"]reflections on marathon training stuggling a bit... I may have even been talking to myself (out loud)[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3241" align="aligncenter" width="200"]reflections on marathon training feeling good enough to cheeze it up for the paparazzi[/caption]

Reflections on Marathon Training

  1. Cross training helps. This summer was the first training cycle that I took cross training seriously.  I truly feel that it kept me injury free.

  2. Strength work makes you a stronger runner. I have always stayed clear of the weight room, this training cycle I went there.  I'm crediting the strength training that I did with helping me keep it together in miles 18-26.

  3. Speedwork is a necessary evil.  While I didn't get super fast, I think it still helped... it's a process.

  4. Yin Yoga does so much more than keeping your body flexible. My yoga instructor constantly tells us that we need to get comfortable being uncomfortable - very useful in those later miles.

  5. Food is fuel.  Junk in => Junk out... I focused on eating nutrient dense food, I think it kept my energy levels up.

While some of these things when by the wayside during and after Harvey, I think the base that I was able to build was there.  For the Houston cycle I plan keep up with the extras from the Chicago cycle.  Hopefully there won't be another "Havey" to derail my trips to the gym.

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  1. I was so impressed with how you were still able to continue training, even with a national disaster!

  2. Yes on all counts. I also believe that no subsequent marathon is ever as hard on your body as that very first one. After that you've got muscle memory on your side. The body is amazing in the way it adapts.

  3. Yes to everything, especially the strength training (and, of course cross-training as well). All body parts need to be functional and strong...not just the "running" parts. ;-)

  4. Even though I've never run a marathon, I have to agree with Marcia -- the first one is almost always the worst! Or at least so I imagine. :)

  5. We were so fortunate that the area we live in didn't have too much flooding.

  6. I am a strong believer now!

  7. Yea, I think after the first you have an idea of what 26 miles feels like.