Houston Marathon Training - Week 6

Chicago Marathon training - week 13

I just finished week 6 of my 12 week training cycle for the Houston Marathon.  This is the recap for my Houston Marathon Training - Week 6.

Week 5 of my training plan, I took a week off from running.  I had started feeling a some pain in my knee the day after my long run and decided to listen to my body and give it some rest.   Even with the time away from running, I still planned to keep up with my cross training, strength training and yoga, I managed 1 strength and 1 cross-training workout that week.  I did, however, manage to drive back home for the Thanksgiving holiday and surprise my family! While I was home, I was really itching to go for a run or two on the country roads that I grew up running.

This week I continued my early morning workouts and Yin Yoga one night. I skipped one running workout because life happened (the gym had a fire alarm go off).  Running was hard this week... I'm hoping next week will be better.

I sucked at nutrition this week. Coming back from my road trip, coupled with being swamped at work left me no time for meal prep or for grocery shopping.

Houston Marathon Training - Week 6

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - 1 mile w/up & c/down, 6x800m (400m recovery). Yin Yoga.

Houston Marathon Training - Week 6

Wednesday - Strength conditioning - upper body & 30 minutes biking.

Thursday - Strength conditioning - lower body & 30 minutes biking.

Friday - Rest.

Houston Marathon Training - Week 6

Saturday - Rest. Swimming at Blue Lagoon (by swimming I mean floating around on my pink raft - HA!)

Houston Marathon Training - Week 6

Sunday - 15 mile long run.

Houston Marathon Training - Week 6

Total Miles = 21

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  1. Wow, that's some really great marathon training. Thanks a lot - i'm not nearly on a level to do this kind of training, but I will gladly throw it on weekend after hard workouts during the week.