June Runfessions

Here we are at the end of another month. It's time to bare our soles and clear the air. Today I'm sharing my Runfessions for June.


I haven't been running a lot lately.  Tuesday I went for a run, it was my first run for the summer.  Whew, was it hot!  I went out way too fast for my first mile, but it felt so good to be out running again.  I have a road ahead of my to get acclimated to the heat.

Lack of running hasn't deterred me from signing up for any races.  I plan on signing up for more on Saturday during the Trail Racing Over Texas Sign-up-a-Thon.  Seriously, who can pass up a good discount (25%) and some great drawings.  If you're interested in running any trail races in Texas, you should check it out.

With all the frustrations that I had with the anti-candida diet, it really wasn't that bad.  After I got past the caffeine withdrawal and the candida die off symptoms, I started feeling a lot better!  I had some patches of psoriasis that were beginning to show up on my fingers, and they are starting to go away with no medicine!

I made a scene at the lake where I go to SUP.  You see, I was coming up to shore to get out of the water and I noticed there was a kid standing at the shoreline and all the ducks suddenly moved away from the shoreline near him.  I thought that was odd, so I continued watching. That little brat was throwing chunks of wood at the ducks, and even hit a few.! His father was nearby, but not watching him... I may have yelled a thing or two that I probably shouldn't have.

That's it for me... what do you have to Runfess?

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  1. I don't blame you one bit for not running when its so hot. The heat sucks the life out of me. Thanks for linking!

  2. That's terrible that the Dad was allowing the kid to do that. I hate it when people don't watch what their dogs are doing, let alone their kids!

    If I lived where you live, I'd be living on the treadmill all summer long. It'll be TX hot here, but just for a few days!

  3. Good for you for saying something! I see a lot of badly behaved kids in my clinic. Sometimes I have to correct them. It's interesting because the parents don't like when I do that. Sorry, I don't like getting hit or kicked...

    The summer heat sure makes it tough to run! I feel you!

  4. Not too long ago I was reading another post about a kid throwing chunks of wood at ducks. What's up with these kids...haha

    Summer running is no joke. its hard to really get into it when you sweat just walking out the door!

  5. Hey, someone has to speak up for the ducks! Summer running can be rough. Definitely better to ease into it.