Goals for Jackalope Jam

On Saturday morning I will be toeing the line at Jackalope Jam. This race is a timed race in which the participants run a .5 mile out & back course for as many miles as they can. There are 5 different timed races; 72 hour, 48 hour, 24 hour, 12 hour, 6 hour. I am participating in the 24 hour race, and I've made some goals for Jackalope Jam.

A little backstory.... My thought process behind entering this race was to see how I could hold up with being on my feet for 24 hours and also to conquer my fear of the dark in a safe environment. Afterwards, if I felt confident in my abilities, I would sign up for Possum's Revenge 69 mile race. Update: I signed up for Possum's Revenge 69 miler after seeing the mock-up for the buckle... I NEED that buckle in my life!

Goals for Jackalope Jam

  1. Start out slow and steady. It might be tough starting out at the same time with the people that are doing the 6 and 12 hour events, but I need to remember to race my race. My plan is to run 3 loops, walk 1. I know that incorporating walking and going slow in the beginning will help me go longer.
  2. Mileage goals: A. 75 miles, B. 70 miles, C. 63 miles
  3. Push through the mentally dark moments and move past them.
  4. Embrace the darkness (with a headlamp, of course).
  5. Be sure to take in calories and hydration, use walking loop as a reminder.
  6. Last and the most important of them all... HAVE FUN and SMILE!

Have you ever ran a timed event? Would you sign up for a race just because of the bling?

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