2015 Running Year in Review

In April I started out my training with the C25K app.  I finished in early June and signed up for a 5k.

I started training with the Runkeeper app for the 5k and on August 1 I ran that 5k and really enjoyed it.  So much so, it got me to start thinking about what else can I do.

I found a 10k and signed up for it.  I started training for the 10k using the Runkeeper app as well.  The training had intervals, strides, speed work, tempo runs... I really enjoyed the variety and challenges.  Over the early fall I had a few set backs with my training but persevered.  The 10k ended up getting called off due to the remnants of Hurricane Patricia, but I did a 'virtual' 10k the weekend after.

The weekend the race was called off, I decided to go for it and start training for a half-marathon.  I found one in February that looked interesting and I have another one lined up for April.  I have been training with Runkeeper again for the half.

I didn't start tracking my mileage until I ended the C25K training.  As of Jun 11, these are my running states


I can't wait to see what 2016 holds for me!

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