Welcome 2016

I love New Year! I enjoy reflecting on the outgoing year as I dream of what I want to accomplish for the incoming year.  Most people I know make New Year Resolutions and they seem to be focus on a negative aspect of yourself.  I like to create New Years Aspirations and have them focus on making myself a better person.

Among my Aspirations this year are the following:
- Practice gratitude in my daily life
- Engage in the creative arts at least once per month
- Say yes to me

My fitness Aspirations are:
- Complete 4 half marathons
- Run 1000 miles this year
- Sign up and start training for the 2017 Houston Marathon


Turns out I sweat pink.  I have recently been accepted to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador (see that shiny new badge to the left)! I am very excited about becoming a part of this community.
The Sweat Pink Mission is:

We believe that kicking ass is best done in pretty shoes. We’ve learned that real women sweat, and sweat hard. We know that assertiveness, strength, and ambition are the ultimate feminine qualities. We concede that sometimes it takes hours to get ready, but we’re also no strangers to just rolling out of bed and going. We’re convinced that we run faster in pink shoelaces. We believe in pushing ourselves, and we believe in giving ourselves a break, too. We’re all about the rush of endorphins and the thrill of the challenge. We’re all for looking great and feeling even better. We’re committed to finding our best fit, and making it stick.

I look forward to learning from and networking with my fellow Sweat Pink Ambassadors to reach our fitness goals!

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