Super Bowl Sunday!

Yesterday America celebrated a great holiday - The Super Bowl!  It doesn't matter if you are a football fan... there is plenty of fun for everyone. Between the commercials, the game and the halftime show... what more could you want?  FOOD... Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest food consumption day in the United States, surpassed by Thanksgiving.

My Super Bowl Sunday was spent mostly cooking.  Well, after my 8 mile LSD run in the early afternoon... I learned that I'm a little bit more speedy when I don't run with my furry running partners.

I made enough food for an army yesterday... thanks to some great recipes on some blogs.

Vegan Cheesy BBQ Potato Skins - recipe can by found here. These are to die for! Andrew has a beautiful blog over at One Ingredient Chef... his recipes are as tasty as his pictures of them. I used my favorite BBQ sauce with these - KC Masterpiece.

Jackfruit Fish-Free Tacos - recipe can be found here. These are very good! I have never had jackfruit and was a little nervous about using it.  It took me a couple stops to find it, and it was worth the search! Kristi at Keepin' It Kind is another great blog.  She has several recipes featuring jackfruit, which I will be trying soon!

Creamy Tofu Tortilla Soup - recipe can be found here. This is one of those soul warming soups that is a meal in itself.  Another recipe from the One Ingredient Chef.  A lot of steps are involved... but the outcome of well worth it!

Needless to say, I have lunch and dinner covered for most of the week!

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