Mixing it up...

Since I have began running (almost a year ago), I have not consistently incorporated any type of other exercise in my routine other than running.  Bad, I know.

With my first half marathon out of the way, I have decided to mix in some strengthening into my mix.  First addition is the plank... it is a super great exercise that strengthens the core.  I found this 30 day challenge at Gettin' My Healthy On and I'm going to incorporate that into my daily routine.

Next up it HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  I have the 12 Minute Athlete app on my phone and next week will begin to incorporate the 16 minute workout twice a week on a no running day.  One days workout might look like the picture below. I like the variety and intensity of the workouts... I have just never stuck with it for very long.

I am hoping with these additions to my regular running workouts, I will be a stronger runner... and losing some of this stubborn fat wouldn't be bad either!

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