My Running Partners Have 4 Legs...

In celebration of National Puppy Day, I thought I'd spend a little time on here to talk about my running partners.  You see, they were puppies not too long ago!

FB_IMG_1458730254550This is my girl Sorcha.  She is a Border Collie mix.  We adopted her back in 2012 from All Border Collie Rescue.  Her momma was Border Collie, but we aren't sure what daddy was.

Her birthdate is April 2... it is coming up soon! She was born while in rescue, so we know what her birthdate was.

She is a little sweetie, she has one blue eye and a brown one with a little blue spot in it.

anam puppy


This is my girl Anam.  She is a Border Collie.  We adopted her back in 2013 from Ruff Mutt Border Collie Rescue. She was an owner surrender along with her siblings and momma.

We celebrate her birthday July 7, which is a best guess on her date of birth.  Actually, it was 9 weeks prior from when we brought her home.

She is a little sweetie and a puppy still at heart.


They started running with me when I started back up running last year.  We started with the C25K program, they alternated running days and on off days we'd walk.  They continued running with me, and still alternate days.  Sorcha has worked up her mileage so that she can even go on my long runs with me, she did a 12 miler with me on my last training cycle.  Anam is still working up on her mileage, she is up to 6 miles now.  I love it that they get so excited when I come home from work and change into my running clothes, it still amazes me that they can tell the difference between my running clothes and loafing clothes.


We have found a couple of nice ponds where they can cool off a bit during our runs, which is nice year round in Houston... but especially during the summer months. As you can see above, Sorcha loves to get in, but Anam hasn't worked up the courage yet.

[caption id="attachment_315" align="alignnone" width="720"]left behind Such sad faces... they don't like it when I go for a run without them.[/caption]

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  1. AWEEEE What cuties!!! I can't wait for the day when I don't live in a little apartment, so I can get a dog that will run with me :).

  2. What cute dogs you have.

    I do run with mine but only short distances. He likes to stop and sniff a lot so quite often it turns out to be interval training for me!