In Her Eyes - Book Review

inhereyes-cover-287x460I was recently given the opportunity to read Wesley Banks' new book In Her Eyes.


When Ben Wilder is given a second chance he focuses on the one thing he's always been good at: running. After walking on to the University of Florida he begins to quickly move up the national rankings, paving a path towards the NCAA Track and Field Championships. Everything is going the way he planned, until the day he bumps into Casey Taylor.

New to Gainesville, and focused on her first year out of medical school, Casey is initially hesitant to let Ben into her life. But the truth is she's worried about letting a guy near the one thing she loves most: her daughter, Emma. After one fun and fateful night Casey can no long bury her feelings behind these excuses, and takes a chance on a guy she is slowly falling for.

Casey's relationship with Ben starts to gradually build into a love that she has never felt. But more importantly Emma has taken a particular liking to Ben. As they all spend more time together Ben is forced to confront painful memories when he starts to notice something hauntingly familiar in Emma's eyes.

After a local journalist uncovers the secret of Ben's past their lives begin to converge on a single promise that Ben Wilder has long since made: to never give matter what.

I really enjoyed this book.  I thought that it was well written and the characters were well developed.  The story was very heartwarming.  I found myself unable to put the book down!  It was a real page turner for me, I couldn't wait to see how Ben and Casey's romance developed, or how Ben would do at his track meets.  I liked that the secondary characters, Parker and Nikki, were not as serious as the primary characters ... they provided some comic relief when the story got serious.

If you are looking for a heartwarming romance, I strongly suggest picking up In Her Eyes.

I noticed that Wesley Banks has another book, Hope In Every Raindrop, I am definitely putting this book on my reading list.

*I was provided a copy exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own

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