Workouts ... Last Week Today - April 24

picsart_04-10-09.59.16.jpgTapering down for the half marathon on Sunday. More on this later in the week.

I feel like I have cut down too much this week, but I think I will be ok.

The week started out awful with heavy rains and thunderstorms all through the night on Sunday.  I wound up sleeping out on the couch to try to comfort Anam and Sorcha who were not digging all the lightning and thunder.  Thankfully, our house and street didn't flood, but there were spots in our neighborhood that got hit pretty bad.

Here is how my week lined out:

Sunday - Last day at camp - packed up and headed home... beat the rain

Monday - Planned 5 miles easy; Actual zip

Tuesday - Planned 3 miles easy; Actual 5 miles easy with Anam (average pace 11:43). We had to side step a lot of storm debris and fencing.  Paths were still flooded in spots. We even came across a snake... copperhead no less - yikes! Planks - 3 x 45 sec


Wednesday - REST

Thursday - 3 miles easy (average pace 10:21)

Friday - REST

Saturday - 15 minute shakeout run, then headed down to Galveston!

galveston sign

TOTAL Miles = 9.5

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  1. I hope you weather clears quickly and your doggies are OK! Good luck on your run next weekend and have fun!!

  2. I think we all feel we cut down too much during the last week. It always feels so funny or different and definitely not what we are used to! I know your race was today. So, I'm hoping your had the best experience ever and the weather wasn't too hot. I can't wait to hear about it! Thanks for linking with us Vicki!

  3. Yikes on the heavy rains and the snake! I've never had a dog afraid of storms. Tiger Lilly doesn't like to go out in the rain, but she's not bothered as long as she's inside.

  4. Sorry to hear you have had such yucky weather lately. Your dog looks very happy out on his run. My dog loves that too.

  5. The rain was awful! Can't wait to hear about the race!

  6. Dislike that copperhead! Yikes!

    Sorry you had so much rain - I heard it was terrible. I hope the race went well for you!

  7. Ugh, weather down there can be so rough! We lived in Houston for a long time so I'm somewhat familiar with it. Looks like you still did well with your workouts - nice job! Hope you have a good week!