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Workouts - Last Week Today - May 29


All my spring races are done... I don't have anything on the race schedule confirmed until October 30 (boo!).  There are a few 5k races in Houston during the summer and I am running in the Southern Star Brewing Company 5k (because, free craft beer).

I had been struggling to remember to get my planks in, but seeing all the strong ladies in Instagram doing the Plank A Day Challenge, got me inspired again... for 3 days.

Here is how my week lined up:

Sunday - 8 miles easy (average pace 11:28).  This run was anything but easy.  I didn't get out the door until nearly 11:30 and by that time it was hot and humid.  I ended up taking it slow and taking walking water breaks at every mile and getting 'er done.

Monday - 3.25 miles (average pace 10:49).  Ended up running reverse splits - 11:22, 11:05, 10:10.  I joined up with the Gooses Acre Running Club for their social run.  It was a bit unorganized, but I ended up running the first half with another first-timer to the club... had fun, will join again.

Tuesday - Rest, 1:23 plank

Wednesday - Rest, 1:43 plank

Thursday - planned: 4 easy miles; actual: Rest, 1:26 plank. We had thunderstorms! I had a lovely light show driving home, and when I got there, it turned dark as night and pretty much stormed all night into the morning.


Friday - planned: 4 easy miles make up from Thursday; actual: Rest. We had thunderstorms... again! By the time I got off work, the roads into my subdivision were flooded. I ended up going out for Mexican food and margaritas to wait out the water going down. I finally was able to make it through the road and got home at 9:15 pm.


Saturday - planned: 6 easy miles; actual: yoga. After Friday night's fiasco, and looking at the neighborhood's facebook page, it appeared that the trails that I run on were flooded.  I opted to try out this yoga for runners video on Youtube. I really liked it and plan on incorporating that into my routine.

TOTAL miles = 11.25

I'm linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin’ for the Weekly Wrap, plus Nicole, Annmarie, Angelena Marie, and Michelle for Wild Workout Wednesday.

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  1. I second that Boo! I am done with my races until October. They are hard to come by around here now because of the heat. I can see the planking competition is getting fierce. I do plank, but definitely not every day. Those storms looks crazy! I'd enjoy waiting out the street flooding with Mexican food and Margaritas! I hope the weather will be better for you this week. Thanks for linking with us Vicki!

  2. Hopefully we're through the worst of those storms, right? We had much the same too. I'd love a race now, but with this heat, I doubt I could do any good...even late September last year was brutal. :) Enjoy the planks!

  3. We lived in Houston on two different occasions and I remember those thunderstorms so well. They would scare me at times when the lightening and thunder seemed to be right over the house. I also have very little on my race calendar until the fall. One measly 10k in Maine this August! The humidity you run in is fierce and while I complain about NC, it is nothing like TX. Hang in there.

  4. I'm still waiting for a good thunderstorm to roll in here but it's not happening despite it being in the forecast for 2 weeks now!

    I hoping to do some 5Ks this summer but that's it. Good luck on the beer run!

  5. It's been so rainy the past two years in the Houston area. Glad you were able to get something in.

  6. I'm done with races for a while too. It's so hard to find races here during the summer months because it's so hot. I hope you have some better weather soon. I would be miserable with all that rain.

  7. I always struggle with motivation when there's not a race on my calendar for a while. But finding other challenges to keep you busy during the off season is a great thing to do.

  8. You guys have gotten some serious rain! I hope your trails dry out soon!

  9. Those look like some serious thunderstorms, yikes! Hope you get to run outside again soon!

  10. I don't have any races either until the Fall. I'm sure I'll do a few 5k's but nothing in concrete. Kind of makes me sad too! Ha I'm so glad the inspiration of IG got to you too. I did real good then I fell off the wagon, got back on and well it's never ending...
    This has really been a crazy year for weather hasn't it!

  11. The Mexican food and margaritas certainly helped ease the pain of waiting it out!

  12. I know in a month or so, we'll be wishing for rain!

  13. Summer is tough, but I think running through it makes us tougher!

  14. Thanks! I wish I could send a thurnderstorm your way :-)

  15. I'm definitely over this rain.

  16. I am definitely over the rain!


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