Workouts - Last Week Today - Jun 5


This week I didn't do much running at all. My only run was Sunday for my long run.

I would really like to go for a run!

I helped close out an office at work on Tuesday-Thursday during the week and spend a lot of time packing and running around.  I was so exhausted after those days! I am totally not used to manual labor!


Here is how my week lined up:

Sunday - 9 miles easy (average pace 12:04). This run was anything but easy. My intentions were to get out the door early... reality set in and I didn't get out until 10 and by that time it was steamy. I ended up taking it slow and taking walking water breaks at every mile and getting 'er done. This seems to be a pattern with me... I'm just not a morning person!



Monday - Rest

Tuesday - Rest, after office move

We had more storms in Houston Wednesday-Friday.  This spring has been very wet.  While I don't mind running in the rain, I have to draw the line when there is lightening. If this doesn't slow down, I'll need to get a boat for the commute to work.


Wednesday - Rest, after office move

Thursday - Rained out

Friday - I had planned to meet the hubs up at the deer lease, but that got rained out too.  I just couldn't see myself driving in a torrential downpour for 3 hours.

Saturday - Woke up early and headed out to the deer lease. It was wet and muddy, but we got some hiking in.  We celebrated the hubs birthday up there too, and he got his BAS (big ass steak).


TOTAL miles = 9

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  1. I have weeks like these when my miles are low- I just use them as a time to recover and then get back in the game the next week :)

  2. I have trouble hitting the snooze button one too many times on the weekends. My runs definitely suffer when I don't force myself out the door early. I know you must be sick of all that rain. I hope you have better weather this week!

  3. Steamy runs = blech. I had the worst one so far yesterday. Kudos for getting that long run done! Your deer lease property looks fun. I enjoy just being outdoors. We went deep sea fishing yesterday and it was awesome! Thanks for linking with us Vicki!

  4. It is fun!It is always nice to get outside!

  5. Thanks Debra... things are better this week!

  6. That is a Big Ass Steak, did he eat every bite? How much fun is that mud riding. I reckon there is no shortage of mud either huh.

  7. He ate every bit of that steak... ended up having meat sweats that night. Oh... I am not a fan of the mud... there is no shortage of it!

  8. I often climb on weekend! There is actually a great experience!