July Running Recap

July is over... this year is flying by, where did it go!

I made some running goals for the year in January and it's time to check in to see how I'm progressing on them.


Goal:  Run 1,000 miles in 2016. I'm still little off track - I'm 50% of the way there with over 50% of the year gone. I got in 82 miles in July and my mileage is steadily increasing as I have begun to train for the Houston Half Marathon. I know the number will continue to rise as I start training for the Houston Marathon next month. I think I got this.

july goal

Goal:  Run 4 Half Marathons in 2016.  I've ran 3 so far - 1. Jail Break Run, 2. Run Like A Diva, 3. Running With The Cows.  I am signed up for the Houston Half at the end of October.  I may even exceed this goal as I am looking for another Half Marathon to run targeting late November to early December.

Goal: Register for and start training for the 2017 Houston Marathon.  I'm registered.  I have my training plan and training will commence in late September.

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  1. Sounds like you have "simple" goals and are well on your way to meeting them.

  2. I think you'll do fine in your 1000 mile goal for the year. Marathon training will really make those miles add up!

  3. Thanks... that's what I am hoping for!

  4. I feel lovely with this marathon goal. I hope marathon traning will give us nice result.

  5. "I got in 82 miles in July" holy moly girl that's awesome! Good for you =)
    I love your running goals - they are great and you are keeping on track. 4 half marathons is great. I ran two this year and have one more to go.
    Are you using an app to keep track of your goals? I should do that next year.

  6. Great goals! I started the yr wanting to do 2,016 miles. But I know that is a lofty goal and I am no where near that. Maybe I need to aim for 1,000.

  7. Thanks. I keep track of the mileage goals in the app for my Garmin, but before I got my Garmin I had used Runkeeper to track them.

  8. Wow... that is a lofty goal!

  9. With the goal 1000 miles for the year, you have to run average approximate 3 miles per day. I think it's easy for you to achieve if you run every day. Training for the marathon will make 1000 miles goal done soon.